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I Went To Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour & Here’s What To Know

Your survival guide to one of this year’s hottest tickets.

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While Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has wrapped up its final performances in the U.S., Beyoncé’s renaissance is just heating up. After kicking off in Europe, the “Cuff It” singer’s nearly three-hour-long Renaissance Tour setlist is getting the BeyHive on its feet with a mix of Y2K-era hits and songs from her latest album, as well as surprise appearances from Blue Ivy. Amid the intergalactic visuals, metallic ‘fits, and the disco cowgirl aesthetic of it all, the Renaissance Tour is a marathon that can be a lot if you aren’t prepared for it. After going to Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour show Night One in Chicago, I put together a survival guide that will help any BeyHive member make the most of the experience.

Similar to how Swifties have come up with Eras Tour fan chants and dress up according to different Taylor Swift eras, the Hive also has its own Renaissance Tour traditions in the making. From styling the show’s must-have accessory and deciding what to bring to your Renaissance experience, to where to sit for the best view of Queen Bey mothering, here’s what to know before the night of your show.

Look At Your Renaissance Tour Setlist Beforehand

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Even if you’re an avid BeyHive member who knows the words to every song, it’s helpful to know which songs you absolutely can’t miss — and which ones you want to plan your drink and bathroom breaks around. As a fan who is more familiar with Beyoncé’s older music circa Lemonade and earlier, I was also glad I looked at the setlist beforehand and played some of the newer songs I didn’t recognize while getting ready. Plus, even Beyoncé has struggled with remembering the words to her iconic “Heated” chant and she has been performing a new octave-spanning ending for “Drunk In Love,” so you’ll also want to get a refresh if you want to join in with the rest of the crowd.

Less Is Not More When Planning Your Renaissance Tour ‘Fit & Hair

Speaking of getting ready, the attention to detail around Renaissance Tour outfits, hair, and makeup was more similar to that of the Eras Tour than any other concert I’ve gone to. While a lot of people styled themselves around Beyoncé’s different albums, the main theme seemed to be a mix of disco cowgirl and space alien aesthetics. Yelp treated me to getting my nails and hair done at two women-owned businesses before the show in Chicago (because who run the world, girls!), and I saw so many people there requesting futuristic and bedazzled makeup looks, hairstyles, and manicures.

I’d definitely recommend checking out the Renaissance side of TikTok for outfit and beauty inspo, and springing to at least get Bey-inspired nails before your night out. Your IG will thank you.

Pick Your Tickets Wisely

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After going to the Renaissance Tour, it made much more sense why the VIP Package, aka Club Renaissance, is so expensive compared to GA — your proximity and view of Queen Bey is unmatched. Seeing TikTokers’ close-up videos of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy dancing together gave me serious FOMO. However, Club Renaissance is standing room only, which can be tough if you want the option to sit down at any point during the show.

While springing for VIP, which starts at $899, might not be in your budget, I’d suggest getting Renaissance Tour floor seats if you can afford it and you want a VIP-level view for less. Beyoncé and her dancers spend a lot of time on the elevated platform in front instead of back on the main stage, and you’ll have a great vantage point for theatrical moments like Bey riding a flying horse.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Similarly to Swifties at the Eras Tour, the BeyHive fandom is hype about the “Superstar Alien” singer being back on tour. Everyone was on their feet dancing and singing the whole time, which made me wish I’d worn more comfortable shoes or even brought sneakers to change into for the long walk to my car at the end of the night. Every time I sat down to give my feet a break, I felt like I was missing out on the experience because I couldn’t see over the standing crowd.

Schedule Your Ride Home In Advance

Even if you don’t live in a big city, figuring out your transportation for getting home post-show is a must. Rideshare options surge when it’s busy, and there can be pretty strict restrictions around where they can pick you up, so I’d recommend scheduling a car in advance or even booking a car service, like I did. It can be expensive, but chances are you’ll end up spending the same amount on an Uber or Lyft when demand is high — and it’s not too bad if you split it with a few people. Plus, I felt like I could actually leave when the show was over without worrying about my driver canceling on me, despite the half hour it took for me to get to him. I’d suggest doing your research beforehand and checking out Yelp for the cheapest rates and best reviews.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Weather

Renaissance SZN might technically be summer, but some of the open-air shows at venues like New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium and Chicago’s Soldier Field have had issues with rain. Definitely check your stadium’s rules around umbrellas, as I saw many people had to leave theirs at security in Chicago. After seeing numerous people wearing cardboard boxes over their heads, I was so thankful my friend had thought to bring disposable ponchos from the dollar store in her bag. A cute and functional option is to wear a disco cowgirl hat, which will protect your face from the sun and any downpours.

Check Your Stadium’s Rules Beforehand

In addition to figuring out your stadium’s rules for umbrellas, you should definitely make sure to check out any bag restrictions. Some places have very specific measurements for bags (I was surprised by how small my bag needed to be to get into Soldier Field) or require them to be completely clear, so you might have to shop for something that works ahead of time or just plan to check your bag at the venue (which could mean a looong line at the end of the concert to get it back).

Another thing to keep in mind is any rule around bringing water bottles with you to the concert. I didn’t bring one, and ended up spending a steep $7 per water bottle at the stadium.

You Don’t Need To Arrive Early

I arrived pretty early at my Renaissance Tour show, expecting long lines for the exclusive merch, drinks, and bathrooms. However, since Beyoncé doesn’t have an opening act for her shows in the U.S., I found myself sitting around and scrolling TikTok before the 2.5-hour show kicked off. I’d suggest arriving with just enough time to find your seats and check out the merch, if that’s a priority. Even if you’re in Club Renaissance, which again is standing room only, you know you’ll get an incredible view from anywhere in the pit — and you don’t want to tire out your feet before the show starts.