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I tried Beyoncé's 'Renaissance World Tour' VIP drinks at home.

An Honest Review Of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour VIP Cocktails

“I've been drinking, I've been drinking.”

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The BeyHive got a first glimpse into what to expect for the summer of Renaissance now that Beyoncé has officially kicked off her tour in Europe — and it’s safe to say the queen has delivered. Fans in attendance at the first show in Stockholm also did their part, sharing everything you need to know in order to prepare for your show, including some details from the Renaissance Tour VIP experience. One fan posted the VIP drink menu for that first show, which included two themed cocktails for about $13 each. Both looked a bit basic, so I decided to try Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour VIP drinks at home to see if they’re worth it.

According to a pic of the two Beyoncé cocktails in Stockholm from Twitter user @mzezbae, the first drink is inspired by Beyoncé’s song “Pure/Honey” from the Renaissance album. This sweet drink is a mix of whiskey, honey, ginger ale, and lime juice. The second drink is a BeyHive Lemonade inspired by the fandom and Beyoncé’s sixth album, Lemonade. During the show, Beyoncé wears a bee outfit while singing “America Has A Problem,” so a BeyHive drink is very fitting for this moment. That cocktail has lemonade (obviously) and vodka, with a lemon slice and mint garnish.

It’s possible that menus (and prices) will vary from venue to venue, so there’s a chance these Renaissance Tour-themed cocktails may not be at your show. However, they are fun sips to prepare as you and your besties get ready in your Renaissance concert outfits. These aren’t the most intricate of cocktails, and they’re actually pretty easy to make at home. For this reason alone, I decided to stir up my own Beyoncé Renaissance Tour VIP cocktails to try as I watched clips of the show at home.

Beyoncé Renaissance Tour VIP Cocktails Review

Rachel Chapman

Since I only had the menu to go off of, I didn’t have exact measurements. Improvising, I followed a recipe for a modified whiskey ginger for the Pure/Honey drink and a vodka lemonade for the BeyHive Lemonade based on the ingredients list. For the Pure/Honey, I mixed together the following:

  • 1.5 ounces whiskey
  • 1-ounce lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 4 ounces ginger ale
  • Ice

In a glass, I added my ingredients, but forgot my lime wedge garnish on top. Even though that would make my drink more Insta-worthy, it probably wouldn’t add too much to the flavor. Overall, I thought this drink was fine. It wasn’t anything special, but I still enjoyed it. It was pretty sweet from the honey and the ginger ale, so if you’re not into that, you may want to adjust the ingredients for your own at-home Beyoncé cocktail.

Rachel Chapman

The BeyHive Lemonade was probably my favorite of the two, but it was also very sweet. For that drink, I combined:

  • 1.5 ounces vodka
  • 4 ounces lemonade
  • Lemon slice garnish
  • Mint leaf garnish
  • Ice

A vodka and lemonade drink is basically just boozy lemonade, so you can imagine what this cocktail tasted like. The lemon slice and mint leaf garnish did elevate my drink, so it looked more impressive. However, it wasn’t a one-of-a-kind drink. Ultimately, these Beyoncé Renaissance tour cocktails are on the basic side, but you’re not going to the tour to drink. You’re going to have fun with your besties while dancing to “Break My Soul” and wearing a disco cowboy hat.

You might not even want to spend more money on a cocktail at the show when you’ve already paid for a VIP package. According to Ticketmaster, the VIP BeyHive Package for the Renaissance World Tour starts at $1,401 a person for some of the U.S. dates. Each package includes:

  • A general admission ticket to the BeyHive Pit
  • Limited edition Renaissance World Tour VIP gift
  • Official Renaissance World Tour VIP laminate
  • Early entry
  • Renaissance World Tour photo op (without Beyoncé)
  • Access to a VIP concierge team and onsite hosts

You would think spending close to $1,500 would mean you also get first-class cocktails to enjoy while dancing to “Alien Superstar” and “Cuff It,” but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The lowest-priced VIP package doesn’t even come with a free drink. You only get two tokens to the bar when you buy the Alien Superstar Riser or Pure/Honey On Stage Risers VIP packages, which range from around $1,867 to $4,939 each. I think these drinks are fun to make at home, but hopefully, Beyoncé has something better on the menu for future dates. Of course, fans don’t seem to mind how expensive the Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour merch is, so maybe they won’t bat a glittery lash at spending an extra $13 (or more) on a cocktail they could make themselves.

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