Beyonce's 'Renaissance Tour' outfits from opening night in Sweden.
The Hidden Details Behind Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Outfits

She’s *that* girl.

by Jess Ferguson
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The summer renaissance has begun. Beyoncé kicked off her Renaissance Tour in Sweden on Wednesday, May 10, and to no one’s surprise, she did not disappoint. There was the setlist of hit after hit, from classics like “Dangerously in Love” for the first time since 2009, to new hits like “CUFF IT” for the first time ever. There was also intricate choreography (she *did* win Best Dance Album at this year’s Grammys) and the stage presence Queen Bey is known for. But some of the standout moments from Night 1 of the Renaissance Tour included the unparalleled rotation of outfits.

Bey hit the stage for the first time since her viral, invite-only Dubai show in January, wearing a silver Alexander McQueen bodysuit and made several costume changes throughout the nearly three-hour set. Many of the looks leaned into the psychedelic, disco imagery from the Renaissance album, while others were nods to her past, such as a vintage-inspired bee costume like no other. There were even some pieces that became living artwork.

Since it’s clear the multi-hyphenate pays attention to even the smallest of details, it’s time to shine a light (of your halo?) on the Renaissance Tour fashion that fans were most crazy in love with.

A Hands-On Bodysuit

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During her performance of “Drunk in Love,” Beyoncé appeared on stage wearing one of her most talked about ensembles of the night: a custom bodysuit with hand silhouettes covering very specific places of her body.

Loewe Creative Director Jonathan Anderson, who was the mastermind behind the piece (as well as Rihanna’s Super Bowl look), said the ensemble, along with another silver shimmering outfit, were inspired by fine art, drawing on “sculptural forms, trompe l’oeil, and illusion,” as well as Anderson’s feelings of “escapist joy” from Renaissance. The sultry ‘fit was elevated by Bey’s own black latex gloves and red mani. Where does the suit start and end?

A UV Light Color-Changing Dress

In another interpretation of incorporating art and fashion, Bey transformed a white gown and headpiece into a colorful mosaic using innovative UV light technology designed by Japanese label Anrealage. Yes, she really is *that* girl.

A Tribute To Disco

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Renaissance spans genres, including pop, R&B, and most notably disco. With the album’s dedication to Beyoncé’s late Uncle Jonny — her godmother and “the most fabulous gay man” she ever met — who “was the first person to expose” her to this kind of music and culture, you can bet that the fashion would also get that ‘70s treatment. This particular ‘fit designed by David Koma, along with several others, embodied total psychedelic disco vibes, incorporating everything from a holographic oversized jacket, a trippy printed dress, and tall snakeskin boots.

A Queen Bey Moment

Beyoncé’s fiercely loyal fanbase was ecstatic when Queen Bey called out, “Where’s my Bey Hive?” in an ensemble inspired by a 1997 Mugler antennae headpiece. This wasn’t Bey’s first bee-inspired tour costume, but it’s definitely her most extravagant.

Aside from the obvious bee similarities, the outfit also seemed to be social commentary. She performed as a news anchor for KNTY 4 News (*cough cough*), leading some fans to believe she was speaking on mind control through the media or a continuation of her labor remarks (with her ‘worker bees’) from “BREAK MY SOUL.”

‘Wearable Album’ Couture

Beyoncé performed throwback “Rather Die Young” in this cagey Balmain pearled bodysuit with patent knee-high boots. The singer recently collaborated with Balmain for a Renaissance collection, with a couture piece for each track on the album. The pieces incorporated chandelier-like skirts and spiky bustiers to establish something new: a “wearable album.” While the ‘fit from the tour isn’t from the couture collection, it feels like a more everyday (if you’re Beyoncé) version of some of the pieces.

A Nod To The Renaissance Album Cover

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Fans were wondering if Reneigh, the bedazzled silver horse on the Renaissance album cover, would make an appearance on tour. Thankfully, the answer is yes. At the end of her set, Bey saddled up in a drapey silver ‘fit that matched Reneigh, and the two rode over the crowd.

If this is just Night 1, the Bey Hive is eager to see what other tricks the queen has up her sleeve.

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