Summer Renaissance
TikTokers share what to bring to Beyoncé's 'Renaissance Tour' this summer like hand sanitizer and su...
BeyHive, Here’s What To Bring To Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour

Release the stress and follow this packing guide.

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Forget hot girl summer — it’s Renaissance SZN. As your tour date approaches, you may be in full-on planning mode for wear to Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour instead of thinking of the necessities you’ll be packing in your bag. While it’s important to have “Alien Superstar” accessories that scream “I’m that girl,” you also want to make sure you have everything you need to bring to Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour with you to ensure you have the best experience.

Being prepared can be a game-changer. Before seeing Beyoncé perform night 1 in Chicago as a guest of Yelp, the company treated me to a Bey-inspired glam day that included getting my nails done and a blowout at local businesses so I was ready to slay when dancing along to “Love On Top” and “Cuff It.” When it unexpectedly started raining at the show, I saw fellow BeyHive members using everything from cardboard boxes to plastic bags to try to protect their ‘fits, their makeup, and hair against the dowpour. I was thankful that my bestie had remembered to pack two ponchos in her bag, so my glam stayed intact all night.

Your bag is actually pretty important, too. Since most stadiums have a clear bag policy or size restrictions, you’ll want to shop for one now that goes with your ‘fit so you’re not scrambling last minute. And while I was able to charge my phone in the car on the way to the venue, an extra portable charger is a must so you’re able to snap OOTD pics before the show, grab videos to share on TikTok during, and still have the battery power to request a ride home. Think of this as your packing list to check off before you grab your mirrorball cowboy hat and head out the door. Don’t let being unprepared break your soul, and have everything you need whether you’re standing in Club Renaissance or sitting in the nosebleeds.

Before you witness the disco splendor that is Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, here’s a list of what to bring.

Get In Formation With A Clear Bag To Carry

Most stadiums have a clear bag policy or allow you to bring a very small purse. Most handbags that tiny won’t allow you to carry everything you need for the show, so it’s best to just start shopping for the perfect clear bag sooner rather than later. TikToker @liamg516 suggests getting this crossbody bag from Amazon. It’s just the right size, super affordable, and can fit everything on this list. Of course, you could also get a Bey-themed bag like this “Cuff It” one ($25) from Etsy.

Prepare For Rain With A Poncho

Having a disposable poncho was a game-changer for keeping dry when it suddenly started raining during the show and no one in the crowd had any shelter. I was able to completely protect my blowout, glittery makeup, and Renaissance Tour outfit, plus the packaging was super small and easy to carry in my fanny pack.

Keep The Energy Going With A Portable Charger

Even though I came to my show with a fully charged phone, taking tons of videos and pics of Beyoncé during the three-hour performance quickly drained it, and I had a moment of panic that it would run out of juice when calling and texting my driver after the show. A portable charger will ensure you have plenty of battery for the show and anything you want to do afterwards.

Protect Your Face With An On-Theme Disco Cowboy Hat

Whether you’re standing outside in the rain or the hot sun, a Renaissance Tour disco cowboy hat will help protect your makeup and hair, plus add an extra sparkle to your concert ‘fit.

Stay Entertained As You Countdown To The Show With Something Fun

If you managed to snag VIP tickets to Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, you may have a general admission pit ticket. This means if you want to be right next to the stage, you have to arrive early. TikToker @brenaroundtheworld suggest bringing something to do to keep yourself entertained. This could be a pack of cards to play with or a #BookTok summer read based on your zodiac sign. You could download a game on your phone, but that will take up your battery power, which is precious.

Have Earplugs For Your Irreplaceable Hearing

TikToker @mrpablitoe stresses the importance of protecting your ears by bringing something to help, like your AirPods in noise-canceling mode. If you want to get some earplugs that match your Renaissance Tour ‘fit, Loop earplugs come in colors that go with the “Alien Superstar” and disco cowboy theme, like the silver ones which will match your mirrorball hat perfectly.

Stay Cozy With Some Comfortable Shoes

Sure, you want to look great at the Renaissance Tour and perhaps you’re planning your entire ‘fit around some glittery cowboy boots, but they better be comfortable to stand in for long periods of time. The setlist is over three hour long, and I noticed everyone was standing and dancing pretty much the entire time.

If you have to wear the cute shoes to take pics at the stadium, be sure to bring an extra pair of cozy shoes to change into. These foldable flats will easily fit in your clear bag so they’re available whenever you need them.

Pack A Card Wallet And Leave Your Bills, Bills, Bills At Home

Most stadiums are going to be cashless, which means you only need to bring your cards with you. To keep them protected in your clear bag, get a cute Beyoncé-themed card wallet. This bee card holder is perfect for anyone in the BeyHive, and comes in so many colors to match your chosen ‘fit.

Stay Drunk In Love With A Water Bottle

It’s going to be the summer of Renaissance, which means your concert will most likely fall on a hot day. Be sure to stay hydrated, especially if you’re going to an outdoor stadium. First, check your stadium’s policies, but most places will allow you to bring in an empty water bottle that you can fill up inside. Something that’s collapsible will easily fit in your bag, and it’ll save you money on buying water at a premium inside the venue.

Keep Cool In The Summer Renaissance With A Fan

Another way to keep cool this summer is bring along a fan. An electric fan that says “fan me off” is part of the VIP gift bag, so no need to pack an extra one if you have floor tickets. For anyone else, though, it wouldn’t hurt to put a folding fan in your bag as well. Something gorgeous like these colorful fabric fans can be just what you need to finish off your Renaissance Tour ‘fit.

Prepare For Schoolin’ Life With Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must-have anywhere you go, but especially to the Renaissance Tour. If you plan on eating any snacks beforehand or going to the bathroom, it helps to have some hand sanitizer just in case. You can also keep it classy and on theme with the right hand sanitizer holder, like this disco ball one from Bath & Body Works.

Get A Pair Of Sunglasses That Are A Mood 4 Eva

In the summer of Renaissance, you’ll also need a pair of sunnies to wear before the show starts. Go with a reliable pair you have at home, or find a statement pair to match your outfit. Something like these cheetah sunnies will stand out, but for BeyHive willing to splurge, Nroda also has these bee sunnies ($200) that will match Queen Bey’s costume in the show.

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