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Fans want to know if Beyoncé's 'Renaissance Tour' VIP packages are worth it after watching her kick ...

Is Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour VIP Package Worth It? A Breakdown

Perks include great views, ride share vouchers, and exclusive merch.

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While it’s no Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, getting tickets to Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour hasn’t been an easy feat. Aside from battling scalpers and virtual queues, the biggest hurdle for many fans was just affording the price of the tickets. For fans who got codes for the BeyHive Presale, nosebleed section tickets in certain stadiums ranged from $62 to $162 before taxes and fees. While that might be doable, Renaissance Tour VIP tickets near the stage may cost you more than a month’s worth of rent. With their expensive prices, you might be wondering if Beyoncé’s VIP tour packages are worth it — and what perks they come with.

The first question you have to ask yourself is if you actually afford VIP. Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour is broken down into different price levels, similar to Swift’s Eras Tour packages. The lowest level is Club Renaissance, which gets you the following:

  • Tickets to the Club Renaissance pit on the floor
  • Access to a cash bar in Club Renaissance
  • A specialty-designed Club Renaissance gift
  • Club Renaissance VIP wristband
  • Early entry
  • A VIP concierge team and onsite hosts

The Club Renaissance tickets are around $889, which to put them into perspective, are almost as much as Swift’s most expensive VIP package — and that’s just the beginning. If you want the best seats in the house, you’ll need to fork over almost $5,000. While fans like TikToker @grandpahive claim VIP is “so f*cking worth it” to be that close to Beyoncé, your bank account may beg to differ.

How Much Are The Beyoncé Renaissance Tour VIP Tickets?

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While tickets have been on sale for the Renaissance Tour since February, there are a few VIP packages still available in some cities — and it may be because of their price tag. Here’s a breakdown of each package:

  • Club Renaissance Experience — ~$889
  • BeyHive VIP Package — ~$1,401 to $1,902
  • Alien Superstar Riser — ~$1,834 to $2,001
  • Pure/Honey On Stage Risers — ~$2,501 to $3,757
  • Pure/Honey On Stage Risers: Front Row Experience — ~$4,001 to $4,939

Seats & Merch For Beyoncé Renaissance Tour VIP Packages


All Renaissance Tour VIP packages will get you on the floor. It just depends on which package you buy whether you’ll be in a seat on the stage or standing in the pit. The Club Renaissance tickets get you access to the circle pit at the end of Beyoncé’s runway. The BeyHive VIP package is general admission as well, but to the BeyHive pit located on either side of the main stage.

The rest of the packages have reserved seats. The Alien Superstar Riser is located behind Club Renaissance on the floor, and the Pure/Honey Risers are on either side of the stage. The most expensive package is the one that will get you front row seats on these side stage risers, where Beyoncé will come right up to you. TikToker @cozypare shared just how close Beyoncé gets to one of the Pure/Honey risers during “I Care,” which just happens to be only song four in her over three-hour-long setlist.

In addition to incredible tickets, each package also comes with merch. It appears every VIP ticket holder gets the same limited edition gift, which includes a silver tote bag, Renaissance World Tour dad hat, and electric fan that says “fan me off.” Anyone BeyHive VIP and above also gets a collectible VIP laminate along with a Renaissance World Tour photo opp. The photo isn’t with Beyoncé, but more like a red carpet step-and-repeat. You also get early entry into the venue, and for VIPs on the risers, you also get a fast pass to the merch booths. Of course, the Renaissance Tour merch is also expensive, so you may not have the funds to buy a $60 tee after you paid almost $5,000 to be there.

Something that does come with your VIP package that will save you some money, if you’re on the risers, is a VIP parking spot or ride share voucher to use the day of the show. You also get two drink tokens to use on beer, wine, or any of the specialty Renaissance Tour cocktails.

Are Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour Packages Worth It?


If you have thousands of dollars to spend on a Beyoncé ticket, you’re going to say it’s worth it. Either you have the money to spend and $5,000 is nothing to you, or you’re a diehard fan willing to go into debt to see Beyoncé sing “Virgo’s Groove” three feet away from you. For anyone who doesn’t fall into either of these categories, VIP just doesn’t seem like a financially responsible choice.

It’s hard not to compare Beyoncé’s tour with the other mega tour happening right now — Swift’s Era Tour. One of the biggest complaints from VIP ticket holders for that show is that it’s a massive stage and when you’re on the floor, you can’t always see what’s happening. The risers definitely help in this case, but you can get just as good of a view (and sometimes better) from the nosebleeds. Sure, you’re not making direct eye contact with the queen, but you’re there in her presence.

Even if the merch was more exciting, it probably wouldn’t justify spending more than what you do on rent and groceries in one month. Considering there are still plenty of VIP tickets available at various shows, it looks like many fans also agree that these packages are just not worth the cost. Beyoncé may be telling you to release your job in “Break My Soul,” but unless she’s going to pay for your ticket, that might not be an option.

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