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The Most Iconic Moments From Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour So Far

She really is *that* girl.

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Welcome to Beyoncé’s otherworldly renaissance. The singer’s tour, which has doubled as a fan-led fashion show, has been this summer’s latest sensation. Fans have taken Beyoncé’s advice to “release their wiggle” this season, as each show has seen the audience (alongside the Renaissance maestro herself) letting free. These infectious moments of Beyoncé celebrating ballroom culture and feeding into the audience’s guffaw of harmonious screams have gone viral on social media, but that isn’t too surprising. She’s been serving her usual greatness on this tour so far.

Beyoncé kicked off the tour — which supports her seventh studio album — in Sweden on May 10. She later trekked through other stadiums in Europe with one mission: To turn a single night into a sequin-and-silver ball. The show cruises in with two older ballads (“Dangerously in Love 2” and “Flaws and All”) before picking up stamina with other standout bops in her discography. The real vigor lies in the Renaissance portion of the show, as Beyoncé totes in futuristic-disco elements like robots, silver poles, and intergalactic fashion pieces.

Now, with the singer in the U.S. leg of the tour, fans are excited to see what else she has to offer. Here are the best moments from the Renaissance tour so far.

Beyoncé Performing With Her Tour Manager — Um, Daughter Blue Ivy

It’s no secret that Blue Ivy isn’t a stranger to the stage. The young icon has joined her mom in several performances over the years, largely hitting the choreography like it’s her full-time job. That can be seen in her surprise appearance in Beyoncé’s Paris and London shows, where she nailed moves in tracks like The Lion King: The Gifts “My Power.”

Beyoncé Reminding Fans To Respect “All Up In Your Mind”

Let’s give a round of applause to Renaissance’s most underrated song, “All Up In Your Mind.” Since the album’s release, fans have personally crowned “Virgo’s Groove” and “Alien Superstar” as the greatest highlights from the record. And while those tracks deserve that crown, “All Up In Your Mind” has always been shunned from that conversation— even though there’s a core group (shamelessly raises hand) who adores how chaotic and techno-driven it is. So, to hear Beyoncé use her notoriously stunning growls to perform this? Iconic.

Beyoncé Acing Those New “Drunk In Love” Runs

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since Beyoncé’s show in Dubai had TikTok in a chokehold. On Jan. 21, the singer performed as part of the grand opening of the city’s Atlantis The Royal Resort. The show wasn’t live-streamed for fans to see; however, several in-person attendees posted clips of the concert on social media. While there were several notable moments from her performance, her new octave-climbing riffs at the end of “Drunk In Love” went viral. Beyoncé revived those runs on the tour’s opening night, and though the notes are a bit different, she still sounds incredible.

Beyoncè Crowns Washington, D.C. As The Winner Of The ‘Eerbody On Mute’ War

The competition has begun. On her Renaissance tour, Beyoncé started a new challenge with her track “Energy.” When she sings the line, “Look around / Everybody on mute,” from the first verse, she’ll pause so that the audience can remain silent for a few seconds. She’s done this lighthearted challenge for a few U.S. cities; however, it seems the crowd in Washington truly impressed her. Nearly three days after her stop there, the singer declared the city as the ‘silent winner’ on her official website. Now, will a new city tug on that crown and become the new champion? It’s possible.

Beyoncé Showing Love To Drag Legend, Kevin Aviance, In The Crowd

This interaction is touching. On July 13, Beyoncé performed her first U.S. stop of the Renaissance tour in Philadelphia. There, the singer showed some well-deserved love to drag icon Kevin Aviance, whom she personally invited to the show. This outreach is heartfelt, as Aviance’s (who uses he/she pronouns) sonic presence can be heard on the album. Beyoncé sampled his 1996 dance hit “C*nty” at the beginning of Renaissance’s “Pure/Honey,” which he hadn’t known would be used until he listened to the album.

In a full circle moment, Beyoncé made sure to have Aviance witness the tour, which is an electric ode to ballroom culture; house music and Black queer voices prominent in that space. That’s not all, though. In another sweet clip, Aviance can be seen becoming emotional as Beyoncé performs “Pure/Honey.” She’s occasionally embraced by Philly ballroom star Kevin JZ Prodigy, who served as the narrator of the tour’s intro for “Formation.”

Make Room, Queen Bey— Beyoncé Has A New Title To Flaunt

As Beyoncé suavely cooed on “Delresto (Echoes),” it’s time to “step into the ballroom.” It’s no secret that Renaissance is a 15-track nod to ballroom culture. This essence bleeds into her shows, especially her performance of “Pure/Honey.” The stunner is a quintessential vogue fem track and bores the most samples from club legends, including the aforementioned Kevin Jz Prodigy, Kevin Aviance, Moi Renee, and HBO’s Legendary DJ MikeQ. With an iconic roster as such, it only makes sense for Prodigy to crown Beyoncé as “The Iconic Mother Of The House Of Renaissance.”

Beyoncé Hilariously Noticing A Fan Out-Rapping Her

It’s simple: When “America Has A Problem” (yes, that includes the remix with Kendrick Lamar) comes on, you *have* to rap those verses. One fan understood the assignment at her May 10 show in Stockholm, when she caught Beyoncé’s attention by screaming the lyrics to the uptempo track. Clad in her custom-designed bee outfit from Mugler, Beyoncé pointed the audience member out and jokingly said: “Girl, you know every single word. OK?!”

Beyoncé Casually Revealing Decade-Old Unreleased Visuals

During Beyoncé’s opening night in Stockholm, she suddenly showed unreleased footage of “Kitty Kat.” The mesmerizing track — which should’ve been a single — appeared on the 2006 album, and would be one of the 13 tunes to receive a music video from her B’Day Anthology Video Album that same year. However, compared to her other singles (“Deja Vu” and “Green Light”), the music video for “Kitty Kat” is criminally short.

With the visual only being a minute long, fans always hoped the singer would release the full version of it. However, it’s been nearly 17 years (!) since its release, and no other video for the track was revealed — until the Renaissance tour. Being that Beyoncé has decades-old unreleased videos in her arsenal, it makes you wonder how long she’ll hold onto visuals for Renaissance.

Beyoncé Proves She’s The Queen Of Blue Ivy’s Fan Club

Even Beyoncé can’t help but stan Blue Ivy. During her July 26 show in Detroit, the singer brought out her daughter for another performance of “My Power.” Blue Ivy’s appearance has become a signature to this track, so much so that fans erupted into cheers of her name during and after the performance. That includes Beyoncé herself, who could be seen proudly chanting her name.

Blue Ivy Casually Giving Fans Another Reason To Stan Her

At this point, this is Blue Ivy’s tour. The 11-year-old made another appearance during Beyoncé’s two nights in New Jersey. And just like her performance, she did a legendary sign-off that even had her mother gagged. Blue Ivy bid the crowd farewell by showing a heart and a few other moves, including her paying tribute to JAY-Z’s Roc symbol. The hand gesture (which forms a triangle) is an influential staple for the Carter lineage, so much so that Beyoncé had proudly boasted the sign during a performance or two.

Beyoncé’s Iconic Husband (No, Not JAY-Z) Has Returned

With Renaissance serving as *the* tour of the summer, it’s no surprise BeyHive from all corners of the world are snagging tickets. Recently, notable stan Anthony Cosby-Knowles (yes, the Knowles has to be addressed) was spotted at her Aug. 5 show in Washington, D.C. For those that don’t know, Anthony had a viral interaction with Beyoncé during her 2010 I Am... tour. There, he infamously took her last name as her “husband,” giving us the hilarious ‘say my name’ line.

Beyoncé Added The Holy Trinity Of Songs Back To Her Setlist

While Washington won the “Energy” mute award, Atlanta snagged the real trophy. During her triple August stops in the Georgia city, Beyoncé added “All Up In Your Mind,” “Thique,” and the Dubai-version of “Drunk In Love” back to her setlist. These inclusions surprised and tortured (understandably so) fans, as the last time she performed these tracks as a whole was on the tour’s opening night.

Beyoncé Shares Her Glitzy, Virgo-Coded Birthday Wish For The Last Leg Of Tour

Alexa, play “Virgo’s Groove.” As the Renaissance tour nears its final month, Beyoncé wants to turn this celebration into a chrome-detailed lifestyle for the most iconic astrological sign. OK, fine. As a Virgo myself, that might be biased; however, the singer’s latest announcement proves there’s truth there. Just in time for Beyoncé’s birthday, Sept. 4, she made a specific request (aka her “birthday wish”) for those attending the September shows: To wear “fabulous silver fashions.”

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