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Each Zodiac Sign Has A Tarot Card That Goes With It — Here’s Yours

Astrology and tarot go hand in hand.

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As astrology starts to become more and more mainstream, tarot cards aren’t too far behind. Spiritual shops all over the globe have always carried these cards, but now you can pick them up at popular retailers along with crystals and incense. When the world came to a screeching halt in 2020 due to the pandemic, many people were prompted to spend more time in reflection mode, which encouraged the collective to take a deep dive inward. Your spiritual foundation has likely improved tremendously since then, and I wouldn’t be surprised if astrology and tarot played a role in that. Both of these spiritual tools can be used as a way to understand yourself, others, and the world around you. But is there a tarot card that goes along with your zodiac sign? The answer is yes, and you can actually use these spiritual tools together.

Both astrology and tarot have been around practically since the beginning of time, so it would make sense that they both draw from the same influences. The biggest similarity between the two is that they both incorporate the use of elements: fire, earth, air, and water. In tarot, the four suits of the deck coincide with these elements: wands are associated with fire signs, pentacles are associated with earth signs, swords are associated with air signs, and cups are associated with water signs. Each of these suits has a specific card that is associated with your zodiac sign, and can further speak to your characteristics. Oftentimes, you may find that the cards you pull for yourself may coincide with the dominant element in your birth chart, which is why tarot is such an incredible tool to understand yourself better.

If you’re curious to know if you’re the Emperor or the Devil card or any of the others in a tarot deck, look no further:

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Aries: The Emperor Card

As the leader of the zodiac, your tarot card speaks to your authoritative nature perfectly. The Emperor card dawns a wise elderly man sitting on a throne with rams on it, a reminder of your assertive, direct nature. You’re always ready to spring into action, and the fiery background of this card proves that to be true. Your card is a reminder of your strength and independence, and if you happen to stumble across this card in a reading, it indicates that you are stepping into a powerful role.

Taurus: The Hierophant Card

Calm, cool, and collected, the card that best describes your down-to-earth nature is the card of the Hierophant. This card speaks to your practicality, despite being a lover of indulgences. The Hierophant card shows a man standing in front of two men below him, guiding them with wisdom. As an earth sign, your grounded guidance can teach others how to best provide for themselves in a productive and efficient manner. You’re traditional, and firmly believe that slow and steady wins the race. Getting this card in a tarot reading indicates that you may need to consult with a spiritual mentor or guide to best assist you on your current journey.

Gemini: The Lovers Card

As the most dual-bodied sign of the zodiac, it makes sense that your card would have two people on it. While the Lovers card can signify romance, it also symbolizes options and decision-making. As an air sign, mental stimulation is something you prioritize in your life, prompting curiosity when it comes to the world around you. There’s so much to learn and discover, and when you pull this card in a reading, it points to connecting with others and identifying your own personal beliefs. Your thoughts and opinions are valuable even if another person doesn’t agree, so remember to stay true to your own opinions.

Cancer: The Chariot Card

Being a cardinal water sign, you find yourself embracing the ebbs and flows of life more than some may believe, but as the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac, you thrive in changeable situations. The Chariot card is a card of encouragement, reminding you to draw upon your inner strength and resilience to achieve your goals. You tend to be a bit introverted, but the Chariot card encourages you to assert yourself and be brave. You will achieve anything you put your mind to.


Leo: The Strength Card

This one may go without saying, but as a fire sign, you’re about as strong and assertive as they come. Your fiery energy is literally associated with the lion in astrology, so it only makes sense for your tarot card to be Strength. You display ferocious courage in every aspect of your life, and pulling this card during a reading speaks to ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Virgo: The Hermit Card

As an earth sign, you tend to prioritize productivity and problem-solving in your daily life, and your tarot card speaks to you needing to carve out some time to quietly withdraw and prioritize some “you” time. When pulling this card in a reading, you’re being asked to reevaluate your direction to ensure it aligns with your true calling and objectives. If the noise of other people’s problems begin to cloud your mind, it may be time to take some advice from the Hermit card.

Libra: The Justice Card

Being the peacemaker of the zodiac, you strive to treat everyone equally and fairly in your life, which is why the Justice card makes so much sense for you. You’re represented by the scales because you’re excellent at mediation, and can understand all sides of a story with ease. When you pull this card in a reading, it points to making important decisions that will have major consequences, be it good or bad. This card is also a reminder to trust your gut and follow your intuition, the right answer is a lot closer than you make think.

Scorpio: The Death Card

Being the sign that rules transformations isn’t always a walk in the park, because people tend to shy away from major changes in life — but they’re essential, just like the Death card. This card hardly ever actually indicates death; it’s actually a much more optimistic card than people may be led to believe. This card speaks to your ability to rise from the ashes in the face of transformation, something you rarely shy away from. Getting this card in a reading indicates that change is coming, and it cannot be avoided. In order to step into better situations, you have to embrace the “death” of something old to make room for new beginnings.

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Sagittarius: The Temperance Card

As the adventure-seeking sign of the zodiac, you’re constantly seeking your next big thrill. The Temperance card is a friendly reminder to find balance in your life, and to take necessary breaks to recover. As a fire sign, you tend to be on the move a lot, but rest and recovery is an essential part of being a high-energy person. Pulling this card essentially points to finding a healthy balance between moderation and overindulgence, which further speaks to your enthusiastic nature.

Capricorn: The Devil Card

As the logical, hard-working sign of the zodiac, it’s easy for you to fall into a negative pattern of thinking, and this tarot card speaks to that perfectly. The Devil card is a reminder not to succumb to negative thoughts and patterns, and pulling this card in a tarot reading indicates that you can overcome any self-doubting thoughts or habits you may be dealing with.

Aquarius: The Star Card

This tarot card speaks to your humanitarian nature perfectly, since it represents hope, faith, and generosity. You’re always willing to go above and beyond for those who may need assistance, and the Star card speaks to bringing in fresh new perspectives and outlooks to your life. If you get this card in a tarot reading, it speaks to renewal, and the start of something new and positive in your life.

Pisces: The Moon Card

As the intuitive sign of the zodiac, it makes perfect sense that your card would be the card that governs over the subconscious mind. This is also the card of illusions, speaking to your adaptable water sign nature. Since you’re so go with the flow, it can be easy to confuse what’s real and what’s not, and pulling the Moon card in a tarot reading reminds you to trust your inner voice if the road is looking uncertain. Use your intuitive compass to guide you, it’ll never steer you wrong.

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