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These 3 Adventurous Zodiac Signs Were Pretty Much Born To Be Wild

by Valerie Mesa
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The meaning of adventure is subjective — especially with the way people pose for Instagram nowadays — but there are definitely some people who are more adventurous than others. In my opinion, these are the most adventurous zodiac signs, because they were pretty much born to be wild: Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

I genuinely believe there's something unique and rebellious within all of the zodiac signs. Sure, some are more daring and venturesome, while others prefer to express their freedom-loving personalities in a more cautious manner. However, there are many ways to tap into your adventurous side, so don't be discouraged if your zodiac sign wasn't mentioned.

Those with personal planets in Sagittarius, in particular, typically have no trouble venturing into unknown territory. The essence of this mutable fire sign is where the majority of people get their insatiable restlessness from, not to mention a desire for freedom that's impossible to describe. Everyone has a bit of each sign within them, and the ninth house in astrology is where you tend to be the most adventurous. So, take a look at your birth chart to find out if you've got a bit of the venturesome archer in you.

With that being said, here's why Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are typically the most adventurous in the zodiac:


Aries: They'll Do Anything For That Rush of Adrenaline

Ruled by hot-headed Mars, planet of assertion, energy, and red-hot passion, there's nothing Aries loves more than a good challenge. So much so, this cardinal fire sign tends to also be somewhat of a thrill-seeker, because they'll do anything to experience the adrenaline rush that stems from venturing into unknown territory. Granted, the meaning of adventure tends to be a bit more physical when Aries is around, thanks to their impulsive planetary ruler, Mars, but it still doesn't take away from their desire to experience new things. Truth is, Aries is the guinea pig of the zodiac, which means they have no problem taking risks; they want to push themselves to the limit and then some!

Sagittarius: They Prefer To Live Life To The Fullest

Adventure is a synonym for Sagittarius. This mutable fire sign was born to wander through faraway lands, and discover as much as possible along the way. Learning, exploring, speaking different languages, and accumulating travel miles are some of Sagittarius' favorite things. Ruled by lucky Jupiter — planet of expansion, opportunity, higher learning, education, travel, and faith — worldly Sagittarius prefers to live one day at a time and make the most out of every moment. In their eyes, they've got nothing to lose, so taking risks is their favorite pastime.

Aquarius: They're Naturally Rebellious At Heart

While Aquarius seems to be the alien of the zodiac, I genuinely believe their sparkling authenticity goes way beyond their sci-fi-loving planetary ruler, Uranus. Disruptive and innovative, those born under this fixed air sign couldn't blend in with the crowd, even if they tried. An Aquarius would rather stick out like a sore thumb than follow rules or traditions. They live on the same axis as Leo, which means they'll do anything to be center of attention, even if that means starting a revolution. For Aquarius, being adventurous is the only logical thing to do.

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