Pluto and Mercury will be the only retrograde planets in May 2022.

There Will Be 2 Planets Retrograde In May, Including Mercury

Let the unease begin.

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The end of a month doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a retrograde cycle. The planetary retrogrades that began in April 2022 prove it, considering there was only one and it began at practically the tail end of the month, and will continue through the summer and even part of the fall months. That means you’re guaranteed to find at least one retrograde planet in the month of May 2022, and I’m telling you right now, there’s more where that came from.

How Many Planets Will Be Retrograde During May 2022?

There will actually be two planetary retrogrades in May: Pluto retrograde, which began on April 29, and the infamous Mercury retrograde, which isn’t too far behind. But, while the term “retrograde” can cause plenty of distress — i.e. flashbacks to disagreements or falling-outs among loved ones — the reality is that retrogrades are far more common than you may realize. Take Mercury retrograde, for example — this event typically happens about three times every year (though, in 2022, there will be four Mercury retrograde cycles), and you’ve survived them each and every time, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Think of all the mishaps you experience during those seasons as minor inconveniences.

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What To Expect From The May 2022 Retrograde Planets

Pluto Retrograde (April 29 to Oct. 8)

Pluto retrogrades — like the one you’re experiencing right now — are less noticeable than Mercury retrogrades, but they do signify a period of review, so you should still pay attention. My advice: Take a look at the house in your birth chart Pluto’s currently transiting in, which is currently the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, and revise. Pluto stations retrograde annually for about six months, so it typically takes a bit longer to know how the retrograde will affect you.

Mercury retrograde, on the other hand, lasts about three weeks, making the effects much more acute during that period — and sometimes even before and/or after the planet actually stations, known as the shadow phase.

Mercury Retrograde (May 10 to June 3)

Starting off in the mutable air sign of Gemini and ending in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, Mercury will be inclined to bring active thoughts and ideas down to Earth during this period. During the first half of the retrograde, Mercury will be incredibly supported in Gemini, since this is a sign all about mental stimulation and communication. But retrograde, you will likely notice a difficulty effectively sharing and implementing these ideas until Mercury steps back into the stable sign of Taurus on May 22. By this time, the ideas that you’ve come up with during the retrograde will be solidified and secured, so it’ll be important to make as many necessary changes and adjustments to your endeavors before Mercury’s less willing to budge in Taurus. Taurus is definitely a sign that likes to maintain things, so you’ll likely notice things really start to slow down once Mercury makes its way back into this sign.

During this retrograde, it’ll be important to consider where Taurus and Gemini fall in your birth chart, since these are the two astrological houses that will be experiencing the action as Mercury moves back and forth between these signs. These houses will be prone to revisions and reorganizations from May 10 until June 3, so if things feel a bit scattered here during this time, you can be sure to blame it on the stars — especially if you have planets in these two signs.