Mercury retrograde dates 2022

Mercury Will Retrograde 4 Times This Year, So Mark These Dates In Your Calendar

Mercury is still up to its old tricks.


A new year has arrived, and with it, comes another astrological calendar to tend with. Big things are heading your way this year and 2022 has the power to be potentially life-changing. However, it also comes with its own challenges, because the planets always have a will of their own. With that being said, you might be thinking ahead of the curve and wondering when Mercury retrograde will take place during 2022. If so, I’ve got you covered.

If you were hoping that you could skip Mercury retrograde on your 2022 playlist, you were hoping for a miracle. This pesky and confusing transit happens three to four times every year, without fail. It’s also an integral part of Mercury’s journey, and believe it or not, there are many positive things that can be gleaned from the experience.

But that doesn’t change the fact that things can also get a bit messy when the planet of communication, cognitive function, and logic is moving backward throughout the zodiac instead of forward. When Mercury is retrograde, you might accidentally send a risky text, regretting it immediately. You might be typing an essay for hours, only for your computer to crash before you had a chance to save your work. You might show up to your appointment on time, only to realize your appointment was actually yesterday. You might awkwardly run into your ex at your local coffee shop while wearing the same sweatpants for the third day in a row.

Despite how awkward and inconvenient this retrograde can be, it’s also an opportunity to go back and rethink the way you’re sending and receiving information. It could even bring up unresolved issues from the past, giving you a chance to finally set the record straight. Mercury retrograde may feel like a period of setbacks, but it’s only pointing you in the direction of what needs your attention. Here’s what you can expect from the four different Mercury retrogrades you’ll experience this year:


Mercury Retrograde Dates In 2022

Jan. 14 to Feb. 3:

The first Mercury retrograde of 2022 will take place in fixed air sign Aquarius, bringing a focus to the ideas that feel innovative and community-oriented. It will challenge the social dynamics of the groups you’re involved in while inspiring you to find more middle ground between too much independence and too much assimilation. By Jan. 25, Mercury will temporarily retrograde back into grounded and disciplined Capricorn, encouraging you to work even harder.

May 10 to June 2:

By spring, Mercury will station retrograde in mutable air sign Gemini, which also happens to be the zodiac sign of its rulership. This retrograde will challenge your ability to communicate effectively and process information in a way that is useful. It will encourage you to comb through the mess in your mind and find a way to get to the core of what you think. By May 22, this retrograde will drift back into practical and sensual Taurus, reminding you to be patient.

Sept. 9 to Oct. 2:

Stretching over the end of summer and the beginning of fall is the third Mercury retrograde of 2022. This time, it will take place in cardinal air sign Libra, making the theme of this retrograde centered on problem solving and conflict reduction. However, it will also point out the moments where a fear of confrontation might hold you back from being assertive and truthful. By Sept. 23, this retrograde will move things back into analytical and organized Virgo, bringing your attention to the way miscalculations and misinterpretations can lead you astray.

Dec. 29 to Jan. 18, 2023:

The final Mercury retrograde of 2022 begins just as the year is nearly over. However, you’ll begin to feel its bewildering impact in the weeks leading up to the experience, ending 2022 on a strange note. This retrograde will take place in cardinal earth sign Capricorn, bringing your focus to the way karma always has a way of following you, no matter how far you’ve come. Let this retrograde show you how preparing for multiple outcomes in advance can lessen the blow when things start going awry.