There Will Only Be 1 Retrograde This Month, But That’s The Least Of Your Worries

Eclipse season has returned.

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Ah, the dreaded retrograde. I bet the mere mention of the word has got you rethinking your entire belief in astrology, right? As if forgetting everything you thought you knew about the zodiac would suddenly make the concept of a “retrograde” seem ridiculous? Yeah, I’ve tried that too, and the truth is, retrogrades always have a way of having the last word. However, the truth about retrogrades is much more complex than simply designating the experience as something inherently negative. In fact, there are so many different planets that can station retrograde and the process is always completely unique. If you’re wondering what planets are retrograde during April 2022, then pat yourself on the back, because you’re asking all the right questions and your parents must be *so* proud.

Everyone knows Mercury retrograde is a drag, but is there more to the experience of a retrograde than meets the eye? Absolutely. After all, a planetary retrograde causes the planet in question to begin rolling backward in its typical trip across the zodiac calendar. As it moves back in time, it has a tendency to bring up unfinished business from your past that still needs tending to. A retrograde also has the power to invert the typical function of a planet, shifting its influence from external to internal. As you embrace the energy of a planet in a different way, it has the power to throw you off, but it can also show you things from a totally eye-opening perspective.

If you’re definitely *not* in the mood for a retrograde, you’re in luck. Only one planet will station retrograde, and because it’s an outer planet, the initial shift won’t be as noticeable or detrimental as you might fear. However, just because the retrograde brigade is operating at a minimum this month doesn’t mean that chaos is not on the schedule. Here’s everything you need to know about the out-of-this-world astrology of April:

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Only 1 Planet Will Retrograde During April 2022, But That’s Not All

Not only will there only be one planetary retrograde this month, it’s not something to worry about. After all, it won’t even begin until April 29, meaning that you won’t experience the brunt of its intensity until next month. Also, this retrograde in question involves Pluto — planet of creation and destruction — which does some of its best work while retrograde. After all, Pluto takes a break from being a total drama queen while it’s retrograde, encouraging you to work on embracing inner transformation rather than forcing things beyond your control. Although this retrograde will have a major impact on you, there’s a strong chance you won’t notice how much you’ve changed until much later. This retrograde — which takes place in ambitious, headstrong, and karmic earth sign Capricorn — will last several months, coming to an Oct. 8, 2022.

However, the month of April is bound to be wild, and it’s no thanks to any old retrograde. Instead, turn your attention to the solar eclipse in Taurus scheduled to rock your world on April 30 at 4:28 p.m. ET. In astrology, eclipses are a major deal because they bring you face to face with your ultimate destiny. If you happen to have your sun, moon or rising sign in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius between the degrees of 5 and 15, this solar eclipse will have an even stronger impact on your life, so stay tuned for the curveballs the cosmos are about to throw at you.

No matter what happens, trust in the process. Eclipses are the markers of major milestones in your life, so have faith that everything is happening just as it’s supposed to. Embrace the idea that something bigger than yourself might be at play here.

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