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This Is The 1 Day In October When Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Feeling The Love

The romantic energy hanging in the air is sure to rub off on everyone.

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Fall is here, and it’s working its magic along with the Venusian energy of Libra season to bring unity, love, and connection into your life. This is a season where you may feel inclined to shift your attention away from yourself and over to your partner, family, or career. Libra season emphasizes deprioritizing the self and the ego, and prompts you to focus your gaze on how you can actively create more balance and unity in your life. With all of this relationship-oriented energy present, the new moon in Libra on October 6, 2021 will be the most romantic day this month for your zodiac sign, inspiring you to actively strive toward connection. Every sign will be experiencing this energy in a slightly different way, but the loving energy hanging in the air is sure to rub off on everyone.

Wherever the sign of Libra is located in your birth chart represents the area of your life that you aim to keep balanced and peaceful. Whether your Libra-ruled house is full of planets or empty, the new moon in Libra will still be showing up in your birth chart somewhere, activating that area of your life and gently asking for your attention. While romance tends to be associated purely with intimate relationships, it’s something that can also be applied to many different areas of your life. It’s important to remember that even if you don’t currently have a special someone to direct this energy toward, you are not exempt from experiencing the romantic energy of this special day. Venus — Libra’s planetary ruler — is not only the planet of relationships, but it also governs over creativity, money, and beauty. Harnessing the romantic energy of Oct. 6 is the perfect way to tap into the Venusian energy that your own personal birth chart carries, and trust me, there’s enough to go around.

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Aries: Your Romantic Relationships Will Thrive

Since Libra governs your seventh house of romantic relationships and partnerships, this season is all about your SO. Oct. 6 will offer you a new beginning in this area, so whether you’re currently seeing someone or beginning a connection with someone else, this day aligns with your desire to unify and create a lighthearted, balanced connection. You tend to focus a lot of your attention on yourself, so Libra season’s influence may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But it’s here to remind you that balance is key, and you don’t have to embark on every journey entirely on your own.

Taurus: There’s Beauty In Your Newfound Routines

As a Venus-ruled sign, you tend to feel pretty comfortable with Libra season, as it prioritizes many things that you tend to already be aligned with. Since Libra governs over your sixth house of health, productivity, and responsibility though, you may feel more inclined to direct this energy toward your daily tasks and routines. As a fixed earth sign, you thrive when you feel organized and productive, but it’s important that you don’t lose your creativity in the process. Use the new moon in Libra on Oct. 6 to infuse your obligations with some balanced, lighthearted energy. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and allow yourself space to still connect with others while completing your tasks.

Gemini: Your Sexual And Creative Endeavors Will Thrive On This Day

Your air sign nature is complemented beautifully during Libra season. On Oct. 6, you’ll be feeling creatively and sexually renewed. The new moon in Libra will take place in your fifth house of fun, making it the perfect day to initiate any kind of pleasurable endeavor. As someone who’s incredibly free-spirited, this season promises to bring you plenty of excitement, and it’s the perfect time for you to share this energy with a loved one. While you strongly dislike feeling limited or restricted, Libra season is here to remind you that relationships don’t have to be boring; the right person will continue to keep you guessing, just how you like it.

Cancer: Your Home And Family Matters Will Be Pleasant And Balanced

As the homebody of the zodiac, you tend to pride yourself in your ability to create a safe space for your loved ones. On Oct. 6, your home and family matters will experience a romantic new beginning. Whether you’re redecorating or you’re having family and friends over for one of your infamous home-cooked meals, this day will be dripping with love and unity. Your private world is incredibly important to you, so be sure to soak up as much time in your safe haven as you can.

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Leo: Communication Will Be Easy And Free-Flowing

As a fire sign, you’re always one for speaking your mind boldly (whether or not it’s well-received), but on Oct. 6, your words will be easily received by everyone around you. When the sun and moon come together in your third house of communication on this day, be sure to take advantage of your ability to get your point across in a way that’s pleasant and sweet. If you’ve been looking for the perfect time to share your thoughts or opinions, this is the day.

Virgo: Your Money And Resources Are Flourishing

While finances aren’t exactly the most romantic thing there is, spending some of your hard-earned money on a spa day is exactly what you need. It’s called self-love. On Oct. 6, the sun and moon will be coming together in your second house, initiating a pleasant new beginning for your finances. As one of the most productive signs of the zodiac, you tend to overwork yourself, so it’s important that on this special day you take some time to enjoy every bit of what you’ve earned. Take yourself out, you deserve to feel pampered.

Libra: All Eyes Will Be On You, But What Else Is New?

As the romantic, partnership oriented sign of the zodiac, Oct. 6 will by far be the best day for you, as the sun and moon come together in your first house of self. Since you naturally embody this energy, the new moon in Libra on Oct. 6 will bring feelings of comfort and security within yourself while also increasing the level of attention you already tend to get from others. Expect a little bit more love thrown your way on this special day, and be sure to soak it up. It’s your season, after all.

Scorpio: Your Mental Health And Private World Are Reaching New Heights

You tend to be a pretty private person, and Libra season has definitely doubled down on that fact as the sun’s been traveling through your 12th house of mental health and isolation. Oct. 6 won’t necessarily be a traditionally romantic day for you, but it will offer plenty of peace and unity within your inner world, which is something you tend to prioritize over all else. Before your season begins, Libra season is reminding you that the best love that you can experience is self-love. In order for you to be vulnerable with others, you first have to be vulnerable with yourself.

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Sagittarius: Your Friendships And Connections Are A Top Priority

Socializing is something you live for, and Libra season’s really been emphasizing that for you, as the sun’s made it way through your 11th house of connections and alliances. You are definitely someone who tends to romanticize your friendships, and who could blame you? Your friends have always been the people you can rely on over everyone else, and Oct. 6 will be offering new opportunities for you in your social circles. This is a great day to attend a social event, or actively seek new relationships. Either way, your desire to unify and connect with others will be at an all-time high.

Capricorn: Your Career And Public Image Are Coming Together

Your career is one of your biggest priorities in life, so it comes as no surprise that this is the area of your life that you tend to romanticize. Libra season has been bringing a lot of new career-oriented opportunities your way, and on Oct. 6, you’ll notice a pleasurable new beginning in this area. The promotion or raise you’ve been waiting on is finally here, and you’ve earned it. You have a way of approaching your workplace in a way that’s balanced and diplomatic, making you a shoo-in for any sort of career growth.

Aquarius: Your Spiritual And Philosophical Endeavors Are Thriving

As a fellow air sign, Libra season is a time where you tend to thrive, especially since it highlights your ninth house of spirituality and wisdom. You tend to romanticize your beliefs in a way that inspires others and brings people together. On Oct. 6, you’ll really be inclined to share your wisdom with the collective. You tend to be a bit rebellious when it comes to your beliefs, but the new moon in Libra will offer a nice balance to your unconventional mind, making your words a bit more digestible for those around you.

Pisces: Your Personal Boundaries Are Being Realigned

It’s can be difficult for you to assert your boundaries in relationships, but Libra season is a time where you may be able to draw lines when necessary, especially on Oct. 6, when the sun and moon come together in your eighth house. This is a sign all about balance and partnership, so expect some themes around relationship dynamics to arise in your life. This is a perfect day to have a conversation with your SO about any personal boundaries you need to uphold. As an adaptable water sign, this could be a challenge, but you’ve got the balanced energy of Libra season on your side to lighten the load.

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