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Astrology Could Have Predicted Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly’s Engagement

It makes so much sense for the *twin flames*.

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. The couple rocked the world with their engagement announcement on Wednesday, Jan. 12 — one day after the event — after a whirlwind year and a half of dating. While this may come as a surprise to some, in astrology, you can oftentimes see moments like this coming, and the current astrological weather clearly points to some major relationship shifts for many people. Luckily for these two, their birth charts clearly point to a positive relationship shift, which is why Megan Fox and MGK’s engagement makes total sense, based on astrology.

What Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox’s Engagement Date Means In Astrology

One transit in particular that immediately comes to mind is Venus retrograde, which has been in effect since Dec. 19, placing strong emphasis on re-evaluating love, partnerships, and marriage. While this transit is usually a time when your connections come under review, the astrological house in your birth chart where the retrograde is taking place is incredibly important, and can determine whether or not someone could get engaged or end a long-term relationship.

This Venus retrograde is taking place in Capricorn, which happens to be Fox’s rising sign (aka her first house). Anytime planets make their way through the first house in your birth chart, the significations of that planet become much more emphasized in some way. Though Venus retrogrades tend to have a bit of a bad rap in the astro community, they don’t always mean your relationship is doomed, and this is a perfect example of this transit bringing something positive to a partnership, See, retrogrades aren’t always bad!

However, because of its nature, a Venus retrograde is oftentimes not the sole indicator of something like an engagement taking place. There are other important planetary alignments that are usually in play — like the upcoming full moon, for example. On Jan. 17, there will be a full moon in Cancer in the Transformers star’s seventh house of marriage and partnerships, shining a light on this area of her life. As the closest celestial body to us, full moons usually coincide with major life shifts: moves, job changes, and you guessed it, engagements. Since Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, is also closely involved with this full moon, it intensifies the effects of this lunation, making the changes it brings much more substantial.

The timing of this engagement is almost too good to be true. In fact, there’s a possibility that Machine Gun Kelly was aware of the current astrological climate, considering he designed his partner’s engagement ring with an emerald (the birthstone for May, Fox’s birth month) and a diamond (the birthstone for April, his birth month). Fox has even expressed major interest in astrology several times over the years, so it comes as no surprise that they got engaged during such an active time for the cosmos. Fun fact: They even share the same sun sign, Taurus. Cute, right? I guess they really are twin flames after all.