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The Wolf Moon Will Reveal Every Zodiac Sign's Dark Side On Jan. 17

Your shadow self is calling, and it’s ready to howl.

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When a full moon takes place, it brings your awareness to something you’ve missed. Maybe you’ve already had an inkling about something, but the events that occur around a full moon confirm your suspicions. Sometimes, a full moon will even take the subtle prickling of an idea and put it into hyperdrive, intensifying its hold over your mind. Either way, a full moon often feels like the climax of a story that has been gradually building up before it reaches a tipping point. The pressure is on, because the January 2022 full moon in Cancer is here, lending every zodiac sign their very own “big reveal.”

Taking place on Jan. 17 at 6:48 p.m. ET, the first full moon of 2022 (aka Wolf Moon) will take place in Cancer. There’s always a reason to look forward to the annual full moon in Cancer, because this cardinal water sign is ruled by the moon itself. The full moon in Cancer can be thought of as the moon returning “home,” where it can be exude its power of compassion and intuition. Here, the full moon feels its safest, but also its boldest.

This full moon is immensely spiritual and deeply emotional. As it forms a trine with transcendent Neptune, you may feel more attuned to your dreams, your imagination, and the unseen forces around you. It will even expand your empathy, helping you form soul connections. However, these connections will be raw, difficult, and at times, unpredictable. This full moon will also oppose overpowering and destructive Pluto, which will challenge you to face your shadow self. This part of you harbors your fears, grudges, and revenge fantasies. Pretending this part of you doesn’t exist is a recipe for failure. Instead, find strength in your dark side before it becomes stronger than you. This full moon doesn’t want you to simply focus on “love and light”; it wants you to remember that your dark side is just as worthy of your attention. After all, it’s where your power is stored.

Get to know every part of you on this full moon, because it’s giving each zodiac sign some much-needed clarity:

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Your head has been set on achieving your outer goals, making a name for yourself, and cultivating the success you’re envisioning. However, obsessing over your ambitions can divert your attention away from what’s happening at home, suppressing what you feel in your heart. Sometimes, focusing so intently on success can be a way of avoiding your emotional truth. Ignore them for too long and it will start to hurt.


You’ve been trying to make sense of the world; to see new things from a new angle or perspective. But when you’re too focused on seeing the big picture, you can miss important details in the process. Sometimes, the truth is more nuanced than what feels comfortable, and often, there’s no meaning to be gleaned from it. Sometimes, the truth does not make sense, and that will have to be enough.


Lately, you’ve been overwhelmed with emotional energy. Much of this energy may not even be yours, but someone else’s. When you open your heart to someone or put your trust in someone, their energy enters your space. If your boundaries are flimsy, you may not know where you start and someone else ends. Strengthen those boundaries. If someone oversteps them, it’s time to reinforce them.


When someone keeps telling you who you are, it’s natural to want to believe them. It might even become easier to let others speak for you; to let your partnerships morph into an identity that overpowers your own. Remember who you are at your core, untainted by influence. You’re not clay to be molded into shape by someone else’s hands; you’re a stone to be admired for its inherent patterns.



You may think a problem can always be solved. And many can. Working out can help you feel less sluggish. Keeping a routine can help you stay dedicated. But there’s a part of you that can’t be solved. It inconveniently interrupts your day with an emotion, a memory, or a daydream. And if you keep trying to “solve” this part of you, it can become a problem before it has a chance to be a solution.


When you tap into something that makes you feel alive, grab onto it and let it take you for a ride. When your creative juices are flowing and your desires are fully activated, it reminds you of how good it feels to be you. You may even be hesitant to share this passion with others, as though it’s a secret that loses its power when shared with too many people. But love is not a tank that empties. Love is infinite and sharing it is what deepens it.


When you’re in your safe space, it’s only natural to want to remain there. When you return to your roots, where things feel familiar and second-nature, the predictability is comforting. Being a big fish in a small bowl is easy. But eventually, any fish will get bored of swimming in the same circles. The ocean is big and scary, but it’s when you’re scared that you find out what you’re really made of.


The things you talk about have the power to define your reality. If you’re talking about meaningless things, you’ll eventually struggle to find meaning. If you’re spreading gossip, you’ll eventually start looking over your shoulder. When you change the energy of these conversations, it will change the energy of your world. Instead of focusing on the trivial facts, focus on a bigger idea.

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The instinct to protect yourself is not one you should suppress. Before you make a gamble, you should measure the risks and rewards. Before you let someone in, you should make sure they’re trustworthy. Protecting yourself is important, but too much protection can lock you in a room no one is able to enter. When it starts feeling lonely behind those walls, remember that you always hold the key to your escape.


A taste of power makes you want more. When you’re feeling powerful, no one can stop you. However, when someone holds all the power in a relationship, they become an antagonist instead of a partner. Because power is temporary, it leaves you feeling powerless once it fades. But if you and your partner share that power, it never truly leaves. When one of you is down, the other lifts them up.


Your subconscious is always busy creating your reality. It contains your thoughts, desires, and fears, and influences what your imagination tells you. And when your imagination overwhelms your reality, it’s time to focus on what’s right in front of you. The darkness of your imagination is no match for your ability to take action. Simply folding your laundry or writing in your journal can dispel the clouds.


Lately, you’ve been showing your loyalty to your community, pouring your focus into supporting those you consider part of your circle. However, when you start supporting other people’s dreams over your own, it’s time to stop neglecting your loyalty to yourself. Reconnect with your own passions and desires. Give them the respect they deserve. Remember, giving to others doesn’t have to mean sacrificing yourself.

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