Elite Daily Newsletter: September 2, 2022

The most romantic day in September according to an astrologer, 20 coming-of-age movies to make you feel seen, and more.

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This Is The Most Romantic Day In September

Sadly, it’s not my birthday, nor is it any of the days that I will be in France to celebrate said birthday (I will be speaking to the manager about that). But Venus decided to align with the moon on a different day, creating a wonderful little sextile that is bringing a ton of lovey-dovey energy into our lives. It’s going to spice up one of this month’s Mondays, so maybe those Sunday scaries will turn into Sunday butterflies instead. (Screenshot: Netflix) READ MORE

Anna Sitar Explains What It’s Really Like To Be In A TikTok-Famous Romance

Since rising to fame on TikTok (hello, 12 million followers and counting), Anna has candidly shared many aspects of her love life. From sharing post-breakup healing TikToks dubbed “Anna’s Guide To Feeling Better After A Breakup” in spring 2021 to opening up about her new romance with Josh “Bru” Brubaker a few months later, Anna hasn’t held back, and it’s probably why her followers love her so much. Elite Daily spoke with Anna about how her relationship with Bru unfolded, from their first date at Lollapalooza to the misconceptions people have about their love story. READ MORE


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20 Coming-Of-Age Movies That Will Make You Feel Seen

September is officially when we can start canceling plans to stay in and watch movies all weekend, right? There is something so cathartic about watching coming-of-age movies, whether you are going through a similar spot in your own life or reminiscing about when you did. I still can’t watch Lady Bird without crying and remember seeing Booksmart in theaters with my two besties. These movies will really help you embrace allllll your feels. READ MORE

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Pilates is certainly having its moment in the sun again, and it makes sense: It’s a relatively accessible way to work out without fancy equipment, and most of the exercises are low-impact and (can be) gentle on joints. I can confirm that these are easily doable in small spaces, but I can neither confirm nor deny how many times my dog walked across my mat and decided that I was done with Pilates for the day. READ MORE


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