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When It Comes To Astrological Compatibility, This 1 Aspect Is A Wonderful Thing To Share

It can create some pretty incredibly energy in your relationships.

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The intricacies and complexities that exist within the tangled web of astrology are truly endless. There are so many ways that two planets can interact with each other, sparking new energy to life through their friction, as well as their harmony. There are many positive aspects that each planet can make with another, but also negative aspects too. There are even aspects that exist somewhere in the middle of the spectrum that hangs between both. One of these aspects happens to be the sextile, which is a gentle, harmonious, and motivating aspect to have in astrology.

In terms of synastry (or astrological compatibility), a sextile is a wonderful thing to share with someone else. Even though a sextile is not as powerful as a trine, which takes place when two zodiac signs of the same element form a 120-degree angle, it’s not something that should be overlooked. The exact definition of a sextile is when two zodiac signs form a 60-degree angle, often two zodiac signs away from each other. A sextile is also formed between two signs who share the same “yin” or the same “yang.” In other words, masculine signs (yang) always form a sextile with other masculine signs, while feminine signs (yin) always form a sextile with other feminine signs.

Point blank, the energy of a sextile is pretty chill. It’s neither particularly over-the-top nor euphoric, but it’s definitely not detrimental or negative either. While there isn’t much drama in a sextile, it does pave the way for a surprisingly gentle alignment between zodiac signs you probably never thought would have too much in common. Each sextile is different, producing its own brand of cosmic energy. Here’s what you need to know about how the sextile can show itself:


What Is A Sextile?

A major rule of thumb when it comes to a sextile all comes down to the four elements. In astrology, a sextile is formed between fire signs and air signs (which are masculine). It’s also formed between earth signs and water signs (which are feminine). If you think of the way these elements work together in the wild, it makes total sense. Air blows its wind through fire, fanning its flames and creating an even bigger heat storm in the process. Water, on the other hand, nurtures the earth by providing it with the nutrients and hydration it needs in order to grow.

With this in mind, each sextile manifests in its own unique way. For example, when Gemini (a clever air sign) forms a sextile with Aries (an adrenaline-seeking fire sign), it creates a relationship that’s based on having endless amounts of fun, pushing it to the limit, and being a little mischievous. When Taurus (a luxurious earth sign) forms a sextile with Pisces (an imaginative water sign), you’ll find a relationship that’s about daydreaming of alternate realities, sharing soft blankets, and admiring beauty.

Because a sextile doesn’t flow as freely as a trine, it’s up to you what you make of it. A sextile can come and go without much notice, which is an opportunity that’s passing you by. Whether a sextile is taking place in the sky or it describes your compatibility with someone, it’s up to you to take advantage of the opportunity it’s presenting you with. Appreciate your differences, be proud of what you bring to the table, and watch how this energy mixes in the cosmic cauldron to form one powerful potion.