Nailed It
DIY Barbiecore swirl nails using ManiMe's Glazed Barbcore Era at-home gel manicure set.

These Barbiecore Swirl Nails Are Basically Nail Art Fan Service And I’m Thrilled

This gel manicure set is my Infinity Wars.

I’m geeking out y’all. ManiMe, the brand that brought you gel manicure stickers inspired by Euphoria Season 2’s most iconic nails, has once again sought to break the internet via nail art. This time, ManiMe has combined two of the summer’s biggest beauty trends, swirl nails and Barbiecore, into a single look. The result is an at-home gel manicure that, for beauty fans, feels a bit like watching all the heroes in the MCU join forces in the final Infinity Wars battle. ManiMe is delivering the nail art crossover of a lifetime and I couldn’t be happier.

After TikTok declared that swirl nails had dethroned doughnut nails in the nail art trend hierarchy, I couldn’t open any social media apps without seeing them. Swirl nails have been making guest appearances on the feeds of nail artists like Natalie Minerva, the genius behind the mouthwatering Euphoria nail art, and Chaun Legend, Kylie Jenner’s mani guru. Now, that perfectly Barbiecore pink swirl nails are available in a DIY gel manicure kit, there’s nothing holding this trend back from total world domination.

ManiMe’s take on Barbiecore swirl nails combines a shimmering cool-toned Barbiecore pink — more Selena Gomez’s subdued pink than Margot Robbie’s super-saturated pink — with pink-hued, off-white abstract swirls. According to the brand, the set also pays homage to the glazed doughnut nails trend, though the overall finish still seems to hold a nice contrast between the background pink and the matte swirl accents.

What Are Barbiecore Swirl Nails?

Technically speaking, Barbiecore swirl nails could be any nail art in Barbiecore pink featuring the abstract swooping designs swirl nails are known for. That said, the latest at-home gel manicure drop from ManiMe takes all the hard work out of doing Barbiecore swirl nails at home. Plus, the brand described this latest launch, dubbed “Glazed Barbecore Era,” as being “inspired by Margot Robbie, summer, and glazed doughnut vibes,” which, to me, seems a lot like rising to the Barbiecore swirl nails occasion.

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ManiMe’s “Glazed Barbecore Era” at-home gel manicure comes in either a custom or standard fit. The custom fit set includes 15 stick-on gels, a nail file, a wooden stick, and a prep pad. The standard size kit includes all the same tools, but comes with an additional three stick-on gels to allow for sizing variations.

How Much Do ManiMe’s Barbecore Swirl Nails Cost?

The “Glazed Barbecore Era” at-home gel manicure costs $25. Elite Daily editors have tested ManiMe’s at-home gel manicure sets and all five editors, myself included, agreed that the products are well worth the price tag. Another element that comes into play here is the skill level of the nail artist behind this design. Aistė Plechaviciute is credited as the creator of the “Glazed Barbecore Era” nails and one glance at her Instagram profile will show you that Plechaviciute knows her way around a swirl. It would take a lot more than $25 worth of gel nail polish for me to even come close to replicating her effortless line work.

Where Can I Buy ManiMe's Take On Barbiecore Swirl Nails?

ManiMe’s “Glazed Barbecore Era” at-home gel manicure is exclusively available on ManiMe’s website beginning on Tuesday, Aug. 30. The collection is new, but there’s no knowing how long supplies will last so get your nail art fan service fix while you can.