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Selena Gomez in Barbiecore pink on January 11, 2020 in Westwood, California.

Selena Gomez’s New Mani Is Taking Barbiecore Nails To The Next Level

It’s classy, easy, and equal parts Gomez and Barbie.

Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Selena Gomez just debuted a Barbicore manicure that’s changing up the Barbiecore playbook. I’m not surprised since Gomez’s nails are always pure #ManiMonday inspo. Sure, the Only Murders In The Building star didn’t convince everyone to spend the summer glazing their nails like donuts a la Hailey Bieber, but Gomez always comes correct with her manicures. Her latest mani isn’t just on trend, it’s redefining the genre. On Monday, Aug. 8, celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik, shared a post on Instagram of Gomez’s newest nail look and Barbiecore may never be the same.

Bachik is Gomez’s go-to nail artist. Whatever style of manicure the Rare Beauty founder can dream up, Bachik can bring to life using his elite nail artistry skills. (He’s also the brains behind many of J. Lo’s most iconic manicures.) Bachik has posted pics on Instagram of Gomez’s French mani-inspired Easter look, a daring neon green manicure, and was also the mastermind behind her inky black SNL nails. He’s also handled the nail designs for Gomez’s Rare Beauty campaigns and even did the ultra-glittery nails spotted in her “Rare” music video. When it comes to Bachik and Gomez’s relationship, the two are basically creative partners in crime and the pair have now decided to take on Barbiecore together.

Gomez’s take on Barbiecore is so different from how celebrities have been interpreting the trend. For her manicure, Gomez went with a soft, bubble gum pink color and an equally delicate shape. Rather than a stiletto or square shape which both feature sharp lines, Gomez’s nails are a much more relaxed “squoval” shape with lightly rounded edges. I also immediately need whatever top coat Bachik used on this mani because Gomez’s nails are throwing off shine like nobody’s business. Overall, these nails are simple and straightforward, but with this shade of pink, there’s no mistaking that Barbie vibes and Gomez’s cool girl energies are all over it.

Barbiecore is *the* trend of 2022 so far. Kim Kardashian released a whole line of Barbiecore swimwear, and style icons Zendaya, Lizzo, and Dua Lipa have all rocked the look, but Gomez is doing things differently. Most Barbiecore fashion moments so far have been about maximalism. Celebrities are layering hot pink, wearing glittery accessories, and keeping things very Y2K. Gomez went more timeless with her Barbiecore. Her nail color is soft rather than neon, and she didn’t add any bells or whistles. While I love over-the-top as much as the next person, Gomez makes Barbiecore so much easier to achieve. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe; you don’t even need a super-embellished manicure. Instead, just find your favorite shade of pink and voila! You have achieved Gomez-approved Barbiecore nails.