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8 Pilates Mat Exercises That You Can Do In Small Spaces

This is the perfect workout for any dorm room or apartment.

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Let’s face it, dorm rooms and apartments aren’t known for being spacious. Even if you don’t have access to a gym or have a Pilates membership, you can still workout each morning and get a sweat in. There are plenty of Pilates mat exercises for small spaces that don’t take up a ton of room.

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Speaking with certified Pilates instructor and BHSc naturopath Bianca Melas from Alo Moves, Elite Daily got the rundown on a quick Pilates mat routine that won’t have you tripping over your roomies or knocking over your books from your desk. These eight Pilates exercises won’t have you sacrificing a good stretch for space, either. By following along, you’ll have a solid Pilates routine that will keep you energized for everything you have to do that today.

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