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Elite Daily Newsletter: November 1, 2022

Prince Harry asked his exes to participate in his memoir, Kim Kardashian's legendary style transformation, and more.

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Prince Harry Reportedly Asked His Exes To Participate In His Memoir

I guess it beats an annual “Hey, just thinking about you, hope you’re well” text at Christmas, huh? A source revealed that apparently the Duke of Sussex asked several of his ex-girlfriends to be a part of his upcoming memoir, probably to corroborate and add some extra flavor to those parts of his pre-Meghan life. If I was one of Prince Harry’s exes, I would simply ask him to dedicate the book to me instead. READ MORE

Kim Kardashian’s Style Evolution Is Simply The Best

There are few people who come to mind as quickly as Kim when you think about drastic style transformations. There’s even a TikTok creator who has been cataloging her evolution in different “levels” as she has progressed through trends in the public eye for the past 15 years (including many giant belts for no reason, which we ALL loved in the mid-2000s). So, let’s dive in to see when her monochromatic era really started. READ MORE


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All The Best New Beauty Products From October

I love when the seasons change because it gives me an excuse to buy a ton of new sh*t, I mean, change up my beauty routine. Our beauty editor, Amber Rambharose, says that October is her fave month: “It’s moody, unpredictable, and vibrant, which is also my ideal fall beauty aesthetic.” She tested out everything and rounded up the best, included compostable eyeshadow singles from the Euphoria MUA, a silk scrunchie set (hello, stocking stuffer), and a new moisturizing sleep mask. READ MORE

How To Make TikTok’s Lavender Latte For A Taylor Swift-Inspired Sip

It’s fun to play barista at home and try out new coffee recipes to sweeten up these chilly mornings. You could go the pumpkin spice route or mix up some matcha, but this popular lavender latte recipe on TikTok is currently the next must-try. The key here is a lavender-infused syrup — and it only uses three ingredients. READ MORE


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