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October 2022's best new beauty launches chosen by Elite Daily's beauty editor Amber Rambharose
These October 2022 Beauty Launches Are (Trick Or) Treats

Including makeup so good it’s scary.

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Amber Rambharose, Lindsay Hattrick, Slip, Renée Rouleau, Half-Magic Beauty

October is my favorite month. It’s moody, unpredictable, and vibrant, which is also my ideal fall beauty aesthetic. There are so many October 2022 beauty and skin care launches from my favorite brands that it feels like Christmas came two months early. Sure, brands drop new products every month, but October has the perfect mix of inspired new shades, innovative tools and formulations, and a sneak peek at the holiday offerings to come.

Between fall beauty trends hitting their stride and the approach of Halloween injecting everyone’s aesthetics with a touch of spooky spark, October is a great time for makeup. Less excitingly, it’s also the time that cold weather skin concerns start creeping in. If your dry skin or breakouts are exacerbated by dropping temps and rising winds, buckle up. Luckily, brands have brought a skin-first mentality to their new October launches from gentle serums to makeup with soothing ingredients to keep your skin barrier ready for the upcoming winter wonderland. When it comes to hair care, the launches ahead emphasize hydration and healing.

From metallic palettes that would delight Doja Cat to beauty tools that make even the trickiest of liner looks simple AF, these are all the new makeup, skin, and hair care products on this beauty editor’s must-have list.

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Luxe Eyeshadows For Just $10

Uoma Beauty is one of my favorite brands, but it’s about to lose its spot to Uoma By Sharon C., its sister brand that aims to deliver pro-level makeup at drugstore prices. These Eye Service Eyeshadow quads do exactly that. For just $10, you get four silky shadows with an intensity and depth I’ve easily paid quadruple the money for. Can’t decide which one to try? The “Blazin” quad has a shade of gold I’ve not encountered since Fenty Beauty dropped its Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter.

An Exfoliator That Delivers Visible Results

All it takes is one crisp fall day for my skin to get dry and my pores to get clogged. There are few things I hate more than blackheads, so I wage a constant battle against congested skin every fall and winter. If you have sensitive, congested skin, please allow me to introduce you to Dr. Loretta’s Resurfacing Enzyme Polish. It left my skin hydrated, plump, and unclogged, especially around my nose, so I wasn’t tempted to over-exfoliate to the point of irritation.

An Essential Eyeliner

The DIBS in DIBS Beauty stands for “Desert Island Beauty Status.” In other words, this brand is all about the essentials and its newest eyeliner fits the bill. Creamy and clean, One Liner feels as good as it looks. As someone with dry eyes who, nevertheless, loves a smokey, fully-lined look, I’m obsessed with this liner’s formulation. It glides on smoothly thanks to vitamin E and won’t make your eyes feel like they’re full of glass after a full day of wear.

A Weightless Leave-In Conditioner

Caring for curly hair can feel like an impossible situation. In cold weather, my curls get extra thirsty, but react badly to too much product. This new hair milk from Adwoa Beauty delivers shine-boosting fatty acids and vitamin E without stifling your curls at the scalp.

A Hydrating Sleep Mask

During fall and winter, I reach for a sleeping mask almost every night. A lot of overnight masks can feel heavy, but Bubble’s latest drop is actually quite light. It contains maple sap and arnica to soothe your skin and boost its barrier as well as kojic acid to gently exfoliate without clogging your pores.

A Silky Smooth Lip Creme

I wore this new lip creme from EM Cosmetics for a six-hour international flight. When I stepped off the plane, the soft, rosy color was still intact. More importantly, my lips didn’t feel horribly dehydrated. Launched on Oct. 18, the new Soft Spoken Velvet Lip Cremes are currently sold out, but you can — and should — set up notifications for the next restock.

A Gentle Scrub From A Cult-Fave Brand

When I’m sad or stressed, the first thing to fall off the wagon is my skin care routine. After days — or sometimes weeks, TBH — of not washing my face, there’s only one brand I trust to gently exfoliate away the layers of dead skin and clogged pores: Renée Rouleau. The celebrity facialist’s brand is known for powerful masks that don’t strip your skin and the latest launch is gentle and effective.

A Decadent Blush Palette From A Pro MUA

Patrick Ta is a major fan of blush and known for giving his supermodel clients a “more ethereal than thou” glow, and you can achieve a similarly angelic effect using his products at home. Seriously. I apply the highlighters and cream blushes in his new Major Headlines Blush Palette Vol. II with just my fingertips and it looks damn good. When it comes to layering the shimmery powder shades, I do recommend using a brush, but the multidimensional effect this palette imparts is second to none.

Compostable Eyeshadows

Euphoria MUA Donni Davy has done it again. Her beauty brand, Half Magic, has just dropped a collection of seven creamy, pigmented, and *compostable* eyeshadows. Each shadow comes in a compact made from biodegradable material that you can recycle or compost at your leisure. While Davy’s brand always brings high-performing magic, this kind of sustainable innovation makes its latest launch a special standout.

A Complete Silk Scrunchie Set

Do you love silk scrunchies? I do. They’re simply the best, especially if you’re concerned about breakage or general hair health. When it comes to silk hair accessories, Slip is one of the best brands out there and this new collection of Slip scrunchies is ready to replace your entire worn-out elastic hair tie collection. The Pixie Mega Scrunchie set includes two large and five skinny scrunchies to cover all and any of your hairstyling needs.

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