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These Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks Are The Only Costume You Need

Get ready for some throwbacks.

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From sexy skeletons to bold, dramatic ’80s glam, Halloween is the perfect time for aspiring makeup artists to test out their most outrageous beauty looks and display their makeup skills with a spooky selfie. With so much likely already going on in your life, makeup-heavy Halloween looks, according to MAC Cosmetics Senior National Artist Victor Cembellin, are a trendy, easy way to deep dive into the holiday festivities, as opposed to spending an obscene amount of money on a costume. “With makeup-based costumes, most looks can be achieved with products in your makeup closet,” he tells Elite Daily.

But where do you draw inspiration for your costume? And what if you’re not a makeup prodigy? That’s where easy Halloween makeup ideas that’ll still steal the show come in handy. Cembellin encourages you to take advantage of step-by-step Halloween makeup tutorials that are readily available on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. “These platforms can be wonderful resources for people who are new to creating elaborate makeup designs.”

With the help of Cembellin, I’ve compiled a list of the coolest and easiest Halloween makeup tutorials that you can try at home. Beware: You might just leave your fellow Halloween lovers in shock and awe of your talents.

Sultry Skeleton

If you’re considering a sultry skeleton Halloween costume, you’ll definitely need your skeleton makeup to match. But involved as it may seem, it’s an easy look to achieve whether you’re a pro or beginner. Cembellin suggests grabbing the MAC 24-hour Brushstroke Liner ($22, MAC) in the shade Brushblack to darken and accentuate what he calls “the skeleton basics.” Think: the nose, teeth shapes, cheekbone lines, and around the eyes. To elevate the look, he recommends using “the MAC Reflects Pearl Glitter ($23, MAC) with a large brush to make the design shimmer. It also forgives any minor makeup mistakes.”

Ice Queen

Transform into an icy queen for the most spine-chilling night of the year. You can achieve the look by contouring your face with your favorite shades of blue. Choose an icy highlighter shade to dust atop your cheekbones, brow bones, and nose. To seal the deal with the rest of your glam, try products like I AM WORTHY Liquid Eyeshadow ($22, Y Cosmetics) and I AM BRAVE Liquid Liner ($24, Y Cosmetics) that pack heavy pigment from the get-go. Draw on a few snowflakes and apply a white set of false lashes, and Elsa won’t know what hit her.

‘80s Rocker

Channel one of your favorite ladies of the ‘80s with a bold, retro, rock-inspired glam. You can go wild with color to your heart’s content, but just don’t miss the classic ‘80s rock makeup staples: heavy eyeliner and heavy blush from your cheekbones to your temples. To really slip into this rocker persona, get playful with bold and dramatic eyeshadow, an unexpected lipstick color, and lengthy lashes. Remember, when it comes to the ‘80s, more is more.

Cruella de Vil

Character costumes are not only entertaining, but they’re incredibly fun to remake yourself. This Halloween, it’s all about the fashionable, if evil, Cruella de Vil, whose pale complexion, dark smoky eye, and bright red lipstick make for an easily recognizable look. Cembellin notes the importance of the De Vil In The Details Lipstick ($21, MAC) for executing the perfect Cruella lip. “It’s the signature of this look and the perfect vibrant red for all skin tones.” For this mysterious and alluring smokey eye, use the colors from the Eyeshadow x 8: Cruella To Be Kind ($45, MAC), focusing the dark shades in your crease and blending them upward and out.

Retro Roller Skater

Bounce, rock, skate, roll! Get into the groove with retro roller skater glam that has positively exploded popularity. What makes this look so fun is that there are no rules — any vibrant colors to match your bright leg warmers and sweatbands are your best friend. Try heightening the look with Y Cosmetics’ playful I AM KIND Liquid Eyeliner ($24, Y Cosmetics).

Back To Y2K

Turn on your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie and get those nostalgic feels flowing with glam inspired by early 2000s. The psychedelic colors of the We Are FLUIDE Otherworldly Palette ($18, FLUIDE) are prime for creating the ultimate, colorful flashback to the pastel eye makeup of the early aughts. Once your makeup is set, load some butterfly clips in your hair, and people might just mistake you for Lizzie McGuire.

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