Beautiful young women with cat makeup and ears at party
Bookmark These Easy Cat Makeup Tutorials For Halloween Right Meow

They’re purrfect.


When it comes to Halloween, there’s one costume that you can always come back to year after year, like your favorite food or your comfort blanket: a cat. You can be a cute cat, a sensual cat, a big cat, or something entirely of your own design. While it’s not a very hard costume to put together, making it ideal for the Halloween procrastinators out there, what will really make your cat stand out of the litter is some impressive cat makeup.

Everyone’s been invited to a Halloween party with very little time to prepare. When that happens, you have no choice but to grab whatever you can find in your closet and figure it out. That’s when having some cool cat Halloween makeup skills come in handy, especially since you can toss on pretty much any all-black outfit and call it a look. With one of these tutorials in your back pocket, you’ll never have to feel the last-minute Halloween costume stress again.

These cat makeup tutorials for Halloween span from something you can pull off in five minutes to looks that may take the better part of an hour. You may even want to dress as a cat for every Halloween event, just to be able to do as many of these cat makeup looks as possible.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Classic Kitten

Bring a soft-glam touch to your cat makeup with Lucy Oriole’s smokey eye cat look. Her tutorial can be done in 10 minutes or less, so if you need to create a costume in a pinch, this is ideal for you. The smudged, extended bottom eyelashes really sell the cat eyes.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Glitter Glam

Julienne O’Meara’s “Cat Makeup Tutorial” is a bit more involved but can still be pulled off in a rush. This BeauTuber starts with a pale eye primer, which helps the pigments pop and helps the glitter she packed onto her lid stand out and stay put.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Cats Musical Makeup

You’ll probably want to slow down this Cats musical makeup tutorial to at least 0.5 speed, but it will give you a very graphic, (kind of) realistic look. The musical is known for its arresting aesthetics, so if you’re ready to commit, go for it.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Leopard

You don’t have to be a domesticated cat this Halloween. As Erin Dugan Jurchak proves, her leopard makeup look even looks great with a mask on. Get you a big-cat makeup look that can do both.

Halloween Cat Makeup: A Classic Black Cat

For something that toes the line between simple and involved, Maryam Maquillage has the cat beauty regime for you. The black fur contour and the addition of white eyeliner on the whiskers really take this cat Halloween makeup a step above chunky eyeliner whiskers. She even includes a how-to on creating cat ears out of your own hair.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Chesire Cat

Pay homage to one of the most recognizable cats in history with Kevin Rupard’s Chesire Cat makeup. You’ll need to stock up on costume makeup and face paint, but it’ll be worth it for this semi-creepy look. The painted-on teeth really capture the Chesire Cat’s friendly yet spooky energy.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Little Cheetah Spots

Bring some grasslands love to your cat costume with Kristen Schanks’ spotted eyeliner. Although a steady hand does come in handy, it’s not necessary. Add in a few simple eyeliner strokes for whiskers, and your look is set in 10 minutes.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Simple Cat

You don’t have to go all out to be a cat. In fact, a black upper lip, a painted-on nose, and whiskers can easily get the job done over your regular makeup looks.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Catgirl

Catgirl makeup isn’t the same thing as cat makeup. It’s more of an egirl/gamer take on the look. While you won’t be clocked as a cat 100% with this makeup, no one will be confused about what you are with @onigiri.nanaa’s “Simple Cat Girl Makeup Tut.”

You’ll look absolutely purrrfect this Halloween with one of these cat makeup tutorials in your bookmarks.