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I'm Low-Key Scared Just Looking At These Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

These looks are bloody sick.

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The best part about Halloween is freely being able to dress the way you want to dress during the other 364 days of the year. (Is that just me?) I can’t help but love an over-lined eye, all-black everything, and random glitter on my face for no reason. And on Halloween, I can truly let my freak flag fly without having to explain it to anyone. Whenever I choose a Halloween eye makeup look, I always do something that will stand out from the crowd and make sure that my peepers truly pop.

There are so many different Halloween makeup looks you can do that require little to no makeup skills. Trust me, if you can draw a semi-straight line or a circle, you can complete most of these looks, so don’t let them intimidate you. Plus, if you find you can’t achieve a look exactly the way the makeup artist did, all the better — find a way to make it your own. The looks don’t have to be exactly the same to convey a spooky message. With these 10 Halloween eye makeup ideas as your guide, grab some liquid eyeliner, find your bedroom’s best lighting, and get ready to play up your eyes with some seriously spooky looks.

Bat Girl Eyeliner

This eye makeup look is next-level, but there are so many iterations you can come up with to make it your own or tailor it to your skill level. Makeup artist @babytiff.MUA created a purple cut-crease eyeshadow look before adding an eyeliner wing with a ridged edge to make it look like a bat wing. You can certainly try this look without the cut-crease, but the purple hue definitely adds another level of spook to the look.

Spider Web Eyes

I’ve been doing this Halloween eye makeup look for years. It’s perfect for getting into the spirit at work or if you’re pulling off a “lazy” Halloween look this year. The key to making the lines on this design look like a true spider web is by curving the smaller lines as you connect them together to the larger ones. You can also add false eyelashes to this look for added drama and do any sort of eyeshadow look you want as a base.

Easy It Eyes

The best part about being It for Halloween is how instantly recognizable this look is and how it’s even easier to draw on at home. All you need is red lipstick or red eyeshadow to complete this look. Simply draw on the lines through your eyes with a thin makeup brush and connect them to the outer corners of your mouth. If you’re using dry powder eyeshadow for this, wet the brush first so you can draw the lines more precisely.

Angel Vs. Demon

This look is such a cute alternative to wearing devil horn-and-angel halo headband. Instead of buying an accessory, simply draw it on your face. Use liquid red lipstick to draw on the devil’s tail on your eyebrow, and draw a white circle over your other eyebrow. Illuminate the white circle by dusting yellow or gold eyeshadow around it for an intensified neon look.


Cruella was surprisingly one of the most fashion-forward films of the year, and if you want to pay homage to the character Emma Stone helped bring to life, take a page from Cruella’s party-crashing notebook. For her masquerade ball look, draw a mask directly onto your face using black pencil and liquid eyeliners to save yourself from having to spend money on a mask you’ll likely only wear once.


This heart-eye look is adorable and will easily transform you into Cupid or another love-themed creature or character. Once you’ve got your eye makeup look on, all you have to do is draw little hearts on top of your eyelid and throw on a red dress or outfit. Use this tutorial from @donidarkowitz on Instagram as your guide and cast love spells all night long.

Bloodshot Eyes
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You don’t need to follow a certain character to get into the Halloween spirit. Sometimes, the best Halloween costume one that’s just casually terrifying in some way. For this bloodshot eye makeup look, you can start with white face paint or powder to truly intensify the dead look. Then, load up with red eyeshadow all around your eyes. With a red liquid eyeliner or a small brush and some red liquid lipstick, paint on creepy, scraggly veins coming out of your eye sockets.

Doll Eyes
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The easiest way to create a porcelain doll-inspired makeup look is to apply eyeliner to your waterline and directly underneath it to make your eyes appear large and wide, like a doll’s. Draw on false eyelashes with black eyeliner along the outline of the white eyeliner. The effect will have your eyes looking larger than life, dramatic, and, yes, extra creepy.

Cat Eyes

Sometimes, you literally can’t even on Halloween and just have to throw on animal ears and head out the door. I don’t blame you, and there are some seriously cute ways to pull off a fast, easy Halloween eye makeup look to get you out the door. After applying your usual smoky eye makeup look, draw on a cat nose with black eyeliner, and dot your face with whiskers using the same eye pencil.

Creepy Crack
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Scare all your friends by rocking some colored contacts painting your face so that it looks decrepit and seconds from cracking into a million pieces. This look is easy to do with just a liquid eyeliner pencil. Simply create jagged lines coming out of your eyes on all sides and corners. Remember, these should be sharp and angular. Make yourself look extra creepy by whiting out your lips with foundation or white powder and concentrating a creepy red stain in the middle of your lips.

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