8 Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas That'll Have You Glowing

For us ladies who don't necessarily want to partake in the scary costume get ups this Halloween, it's imperative that we find a way to stand out. Clearly, we still want to dress up, but we want to make jaws drop in awe, not from fear. With that being said, coming up with a few pretty Halloween makeup ideas is the way to make yourself become the brightest star in the room.

From glitter to the perfect winged eyeliner, there are plenty of ways to paint that face of yours into something that will be hard to forget. If we could, we'd wear these makeup ideas on the regular, but then what fun would Halloween be? Nonetheless, this year, get super creative and try a look that not only surprises you, but also the crew you roll with, for your Halloween festivities.

Turn the heads of goblins, ghouls, and zombies with a little extra TLC to your makeup. It's almost like we get to step into a completely different persona for Halloween. It's super fun and worth it, though. Finding a makeup theme that's already as vibrant as your contagious personality is the perfect costume pairing. So, if you need some tips on how you can make your makeup the shiniest thing in the room this Halloween, these ladies have got you covered.

Brighten Up The Sky, Moon Child
Nikki French on YouTube

Hey, who says you can't take some inspiration from the moon, one of the brightest things in the sky? Being a moon child is not only simple, but you have room to make it your own — a variation that's unique just like you. Be ready for people to literally revolve around you, moon child.

Mermaids Always Stand Out
RhiannonClaire on YouTube

Scales are so full of color options, and being a mermaid guarantees that shimmer you can't wear all of the time. Glitter and being a mermaid walk hand in hand... or is it hand in fin? Either way, this light mix of purples is everything. Don't worry about running into other mermaids, because it's a popular costume choice. Mermaids are all beautiful in their own way.

Look Out, Tinker Bell
Bronte Jones on YouTube

Yes, we still believe in fairies. After you rock this fairy look, people won't really have a choice. Tinker Bell isn't the only fairy who can make wishes come true. The pink glitter on the eyes will make your gaze be that much harder to break from. Also, why do flowers make everything so much better?

There's Fab In Your Future
beeisforbeeauty on YouTube

Again, there's nothing wrong with keeping the concept of your Halloween costume simple. This gives you a chance to put more energy toward presenting it. Fortune tellers are already unique people, so don't be afraid to get creative with how you show off your variation of one. This shade of lipstick needs to be in all of our makeup bags, Halloween or not.

Who Said Bones Can't Shimmer?
Vic Brocca on YouTube

Skulls don't always have to be scary, especially when you practically bedazzle them. This look may take some time to acquire, but you literally won't need anything else to accessorize it. It speaks volumes all on its own.

If Only Royalty Was A Shade Of Highlighter
iluvsarahii on YouTube

Every depiction of Cleopatra involves some type of gold. The woman is known in history for being so incredibly beautiful, among other things. Depicting her in a costume means you get to play with some bronzer and highlighter. Maybe not everything that glistens is gold, but in this case, gold is outshining everything.

Bring On The Glitter
Bailey Van Der Veen on YouTube

A face full of glitter is a surefire way to glisten throughout the night. Using glitter as your main makeup ingredient should involve some tactful planning. You don't want to just sprinkle glitter on your face and walk out the door. Glow with a purpose, and shine like you were born to.

Comic Book Cuteness
atleeeey on YouTube

Who doesn't like comic books? You'll look like something that just hopped out of the pages and decided to join the Halloween festivities. With a comic book theme, there are a lot of options to play with. Do your makeup in colors that pop and even throw on a wig if you're up for it. No one will be able to turn the page on you.

Dolling up with a pretty makeup scheme this Halloween can be a fun little project to take on. There's nothing wrong with swapping spooky for fabulous.