6 Halloween Makeup Ideas With Just Eyeliner That We're Totally Here For

by Tessa Harvey

Thanks to YouTube, there are countless talented beauty vloggers out there who know how to slay their makeup. These makeup magicians have mastered the art of the winged eyeliner, smokey eye, contour game... you name it. Thankfully, they are here to share their spectacular skills with the rest of us out there who swoon over their videos on the regular. And obviously, their tutorials never fail to impress for each and every holiday. If you're struggling trying to decide what kind of makeup look you want to embrace this year, don't fret. And if you're all about that eyeliner life, even better. There are a variety of videos detailing Halloween makeup using only eyeliner. How cool is that?

Cheers to you, makeup artists, because I really don't know how you do it. Somehow, you can transform eyeshadow, lipgloss, eyeliner, and foundation into an awesome skeleton masterpiece, or into a magical unicorn-inspired design. But some of us aren't that skilled. Most of the time, I'm personally lazy AF as far as makeup is concerned. And when it comes to Halloween season, everything gets a little more difficult. Along with your costume, you probably want to complete the whole look -- makeup included. Standards might be high, because Halloween gets cooler every d*mn year. How's a girl supposed to keep up? Well, I'm here to tell you there's really no need to freak out. Once again, the YouTube queens have gifted us some genius tutorials, and once you see them, you'll be sold. Grab your favorite eyeliner, because here are seven Halloween looks that are calling your name.

1. The Most Detailed Masquerade Mask You've Ever Seen

And you're telling me this exquisite masterpiece is the product of just eyeliner? Complete your look with a bold red lip, or fun lip color of your choice, and you're set to be the queen of Halloween. Don't forget your masquerade dress.

2. The Halloween Half Skull Look Is Here To Haunt It

Most of us have probably seen the half skull makeup look done before, but this tutorial is totally killing it. If you want to spend the most of your time focusing on your makeup, this look pairs perfectly with a long black dress or with a black top and bottoms you already have in your closet. Grab an eyeliner you don't mind using a lot of (because you will), and get to work. Don't forget to haunt it.

3. This Fierce Lightning Bolt Wing Liner

Feel like channeling your inner superhero/rockstar? You go, girl. This look is insanely easy to re-create; we're talking about some precision liner, and then you're all set for wherever the night may take you. Grab your favorite lipstick, and get ready to snap some really great pictures of your makeup skills.

4. The Cat Eye Never Disappoints

We all know the black cat makeup is a total classic. This tutorial utilizes an eye kohl pencil and a liquid liner. You do you, girl, and rock that cat eye like a boss. If it's easy and quick, sign us up. All you'll need is a pair of cat ears and the outfit of your choice to finish off the look.

5. Slime Liner For The Win

Hopefully, you have some green eyeliner stocked up in your makeup box, too. The slime is pretty fierce, in my opinion. That eyeliner will definitely make your eyes pop.

6. A Look That Will Give Even Spiders The Chills

... Because you're the baddest spider of them all. This tutorial features three different looks for you, so there's really no getting out of this web. See what I did there? The spidey look may very well win coolest costume of the year award.