Doja Cat wearing egirl makeup at the Doja Cat Album Release Party on November 06, 2019 in New York.
10 Egirl Makeup Looks For Halloween That'll Blow Your TikToks Up

Better stock up on blush.

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With Halloween on everyone’s minds, it’s also time for another brutal reminder: Sure, it’s fun to dress up and go all out, but some costumes can be a lot of work and end up costing a decent sum of money. (And that’s not to mention the fact that there are very few reasons to dress up like a vampire once Oct. 31 has come and gone.) So rather than break the bank on a head-to-toe costume you most likely won’t wear again, you can always rock an egirl look this Halloween with these egirl-inspired makeup tricks. Before we get into it, yes, you’re going to need a lot of blush.

Egirls were one of the first subcultures born from TikTok. It’s a culmination of goth, emo, and scene aesthetics with a mixture of harsh eyeliner, accentuated under-eyes, and vibrant eyeshadows. By putting these unique styles all together, you get the singular look that is egirl makeup. To really sell the look, egirls add a very healthy amount of blush to their cheeks and noses to give an almost Rudolph-like effect. While you’ll definitely need some chains, the egirl fashion varies from person to person.

Egirls don’t have to be makeup aficionados. You can recreate these looks with 50 brushes or using only your fingertips. Just make sure you have a heart stamp for your cheeks, like Milk Makeup’s Tattoo Stamp ($12, Milk Makeup), and you are golden. Maybe memorize a few TikTok audios, too. It can’t hurt.

But if you’re searching for a specific egirl makeup trend to try this Halloween, any of these 10 looks below will have you pulling off the moodiest makeup routine of them all.

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YouTuber Hannah Owo serves glazed donut with her egirl makeup, which she doesn’t use highlighter to achieve. Instead, she uses a liquid white eyeliner to pull it off a wide-eyed look. Owo also has great advice on how to recreate her punkish, sharp eyeliner wings.

As someone who doesn’t love how foundation feels on my skin, Ashley Roque’s egirl makeup tutorial is a godsend. She’s a master at the switchblade style of eyeliner wings that’s so big within the TikTok scene right now. For her blush, she does light, more front-facing shading, which gives a cartoonish effect.

Go full-out with color by following along with @samperakslis on TikTok. Since she only uses one eyeshadow shade to achieve this look, it’s not too hard to recreate at home. There’s no phrase more beautiful in the makeup world than: “Not much blending required.”

It doesn’t get much more egirl than a Band-Aid over your nose, and @fanamusa knows how to create one with makeup. (Isn’t that impressive?) In her tutorial, she went with the glossy, almost It-esque triangle under eyes that gives both a goth and “I just cried” touch to her makeup.

Although egirl makeup is bold and eccentric by requirement, you don’t have to step entirely out of your comfort zone to achieve it. TikToker @onigiri.nanaaa has a neutral take on the style. Beyond the necessary blush, there are more tonal options out there for the less-colorful egirls.

Emily Yaj took a bunch of egirl trends and turned them into one, emblematic look. Amazingly, despite putting together the complicated eyeliner, a filled-in lip, glitter, drawn-on under lashes, and hearts, Yaj’s look isn’t too hard to pull off in your own home.

Any makeup tutorial that has you physically smudging your eyeliner with your fingers has my seal of approval. But that’s not all Keely Amira does to make her egirl look seem simple. Achieving freckles is something that seems so difficult, but her application method will have your face looking like a natural constellation of freckles with minimal cleanup required.

For a look with all the egirl bells and whistles, Lauryn Elisabeth’s tutorial includes hot pink eyeshadow, under-eye dots, stripes across the nose, and graphic eyeliner. This is a great go-to if you don’t want anyone second-guessing your costume.

To get extra depth and color with your eyeshadow, @hellgrl.666’s tutorial features a cut-crease style without concealer or the need for an ultra-steady hand. The smoked-out color under her eyes is also ideal for creating the controversially popular under-eye circles.

When it comes to ~traditional~ egirl makeup, @britanyraquell’s immensely blush-heavy look is about as accurate as it gets. She even uses a red eyeshadow as her blush base, so you know it’s intense. With this much pink on your cheeks, you don’t even need to stress your eyeshadow too much.

Have a very egirl Halloween with these tutorials in your back pocket.