You'll Rack Up All The Views On TikTok With These Egirl Halloween Costumes

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As I have the front strands of my hair dyed a different color than the rest, fresh blush on my nose, and spend too much time on TikTok, I consider myself well-prepared to guide you toward the best egirl Halloween costumes. With summer swiftly ending and Halloween getting closer every day, it's time for some costume inspiration. And considering TikTok has only expanded exponentially, what's a more topical, easy-to-do look than an egirl Halloween costume? The internet subculture gets more and more popular every day, and honestly, once you put on this costume... you might decide to never take it off.

First, let's explore exactly what an egirl is. Essentially, an egirl, in the sense of TikTok, characterizes a subset of people, generally, Gen Zers, who are most recognizable by their unique, alternative look, which is aesthetically a mix of '90s rave, anime, scene (not in a bad way), skater, and goth. Put bluntly, there's a whole lot going on. But, that doesn't mean it's a hard look to pull off by any means. After all, you’re probably already obsessed with TikTok. Letting it fully consume you is simply the next step.

Even if you don't consider yourself stylistically aligned with any of the below aesthetics, you can definitely pull off an egirl look with items from your own closet. At most, you may have to buy some chains, makeup, and possibly a wig to get the full effect. But, if you're ready to begin your vibe-y makeover, find some egirl costumes perfect for Halloween — and getting TikTok famous — below.

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Egirl Halloween Costume: Doja Cat

Doja Cat is probably the most famous egirl out there, and you can follow her beauty routine above for a step-by-step guide to recreate her exact look. To really channel her mashup of sexy and egirl, you can style your costume with an eyecatching wig, like Hyde and Eek’s ($10, Target), and a sensual dress similar to ShinyGal’s Chainmail Dress ($90, ShinyGal). It’s a different take on egirl, but that’s what makes it so fun. Even if you choose not to go for a total Doja Cat costume, she has a lot of general advice on how to do egirl makeup.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Eve

In the above video, Eve Frsr takes you through her hair and makeup routine, which is so quintessentially egirl. Her long-sleeve shirt under a short-sleeve, graphic T-shirt really takes me back to 2014 in the best way. She even finished off her look with eyeliner hearts dotted on her cheeks and a few colorful hair clips.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Peach

If you love chaotic energy, you’ve probably see Peach on your For You Page before. The pink-haired TikToker often veers really playful with her makeup, so it’s a great video to watch if only for inspiration. She’s also mastered the big-pants-little-shirt look egirls favor. You may just want to keep this costume at the front of your closet — you’ll probably want to wear it over and over again.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Draco Girl

If you've been on DracoTok, you may want to celebrate everyone's favorite blonde bad boy by dressing up as one of the DracoTok egirls. The best part is that you can also style it without just getting a Hogwarts uniform. Most of the Draco Girls I’ve seen have forgone the traditional look and instead gone with a trendy tennis skirt, turtleneck, and a comfy crewneck. It’s what the modern Hogwarts student would want to wear.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Wig Party

For those of you that don’t want to go all out but want to have a lowkey Halloween with a few friends, just have a wig part. It gets into the spirit of dressing up without requiring you to buy an entire costume. You can pair your wig with your regular clothes, pop on some extra blush, and boom! You’ve become the egirl version of yourself.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Alt Egirl

The spooky holiday deserves some goth vibes, and Strawberryelf is the be-all and end-all of alt egirl aesthetics. Her two-toned hair, penchant for plaid skirts, and collection of garter belts give her an almost goth look, but her makeup is firmly egirl. To recreate this look, you should grab a school-girl plaid skirt, a lacy top, and, just to top it all off, a leather corset. If you really want to lean into this, add a pair of chunky, platform boots.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Maid Girl

Maid girl costumes are having a field day on TikTok right now, with over 32,000,000 views on the “#maidgirl” hashtag. What this all means, I can’t say, but breaking out your French maid costume this Halloween is a sure-fire way to get you some viral clout. You can take this look to the next level by adding garters and thigh highs or a split-dyed wig.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Velma

You and all your friends only need one costume: Velma. Little has made me laugh as hard as seeing a large group of Velmas rush into a bar together. Not to mention, her orange palette is ideal for the fall, and there are many little details — tights, shoes, cropped sweater (or not), and more — to make your Velma really shine. Just make sure you keep a firm grasp on your glasses.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Gamer Girl

Let’s go, gamer girls! For all intents and purposes, real gamer girls wear whatever they want to game and fit into no true aesthetic category. However, for the purposes of a costume, you can really swing to the uwu fences. Unlike the other egirl styles, gamer girl fashion has a softer, more pastel-goth take to it. Tulle, bows, and soft colors are all main parts of this aesthetic. So, when crafting your costume, go with a Sailor Moon top; a lace-up skirt; long, pastel hair; and big headphones with cat ears. If you’re new to the gaming world, maybe memorize a few video game titles beyond Mario Kart before stepping out in this ‘fit.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Fairy Grunge

Fairycore in and of itself requires a lot of work; however, TikTokers have already invented a version of it that veers more egirl. “Grunge fairy” is a more accessible, modern take on the romantic aesthetic. Essentially, just imagine what a tired, woodland fairy would want to wear, and you can’t go wrong. The best part of this look is that you can make it as cozy as you like.

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