Doja Cat's Makeup Routine Will Turn You Into The Ultimate Egirl

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Doja Cat has been an internet favorite since she broke into fame with her iconic music video “Mooo!” So as a viral star, it makes sense that, when tapped her to do a “Beauty Secrets” video, Doja Cat’s makeup routine was the ultimate Egirl look. I mean, she’s so egirl, she’s even had a viral TikTok dance to one of her songs. Basically, I trust her implicitly with guiding me through this look.

Skincare is an essential step for the rapper, so before diving into makeup, she quickly ties back her hair to cleanse, exfoliate — which she does twice a day — and do a quick face peel. Next comes a witch hazel toner and an essence that she lightly slaps over her face. “When you slap your face, you’re bringing the blood to the surface,” she explains. (Maybe don’t try that one yourself, though.) To finish up, Doja applies a serum, eye cream (that she also uses as a lip balm), moisturizer, sunscreen, and, finally, a face oil. It may seem like a lot — and that’s because it is — but believe it or not, Doja says she travels everywhere with all of it.

“My next favorite thing in the whole world is Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil ($16, Burt’s Bees). This works better than anything I’ve ever tried for my Beautyblender,” the rapper says as she cleans her sponge before using it. Then, she applies a BECCA color corrector, much like the Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($32, BECCA). For foundation, the rapper applies Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation ($35, Fenty Beauty) mostly to her cheeks, though she does blend to the rest of her face, including her eyes but not brows. Doja Cat also uses Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer ($26, Fenty Beauty). “I take it, and I just make a little bow under my eye. And then, I do a little soul patch like a Disney villain,” she says, also putting dots above her eyebrows and on the bridge of her nose.


“This Laura Mercier ($48, Laura Mercier) powder is my daddy,” Doja Cat says next, showing off the product like a trained YouTube Beauty guru. “So I then put that right on my cheeks. Just on the center.” Then, Doja uses a small, fluffy eyeshadow brush to dust a bit more powder under her eyes to combat any creasing from fine lines, eventually flicking the powder off with a bigger brush. For the next trick of the Laura Mercier powder, she bakes on a cheekbone before beginning her contour. “I always contour with bronzer. This is like an everyday thing for me,” she says, swiping quickly under her lip to create a shadow.

Next up is blush, which Doja Cat likes a lot of. But she begins slowly, saying, “I bring my blush up because I like a high cheekbone … If you work it up, you’re creating your own apples.” To finish her blush, the rapper adds a liquid blush on top of her nose and cheeks.

She quickly takes viewers through her “Spock” eyebrow routine, and if you thought you were done with Doja Cat’s daddy powder, you were wrong. She puts the Laura Mercier powder over her eyebrows to “matte-ify” them, so they don’t disappear in the light. Using a Cover FX Highlighter, like the Custom Enhancer Drops ($42, Cover FX), she puts a little highlighter on her nose, cheeks, chin, and Cupid’s bow before blending it with her finger. Then, she adds more blush to the top and bottom of her lip.

As for eyeliner, Doja’s been doing her winged eyeliner since she was 13, so the application is pretty seamless. After, she carefully puts on her own cosmetics brand Icy Wifey’s Wifey Lash ($14, Icy Wifey) with just her nails. For her faux freckles, Doja Cat dots Freck ($22, Freck) over her cheeks and forehead before using her finger to pick up some of the pigment and put down more dots. After defining her eye with blush and bronzer, Doja completes her eyeshadow look with an Icy Wifey Glitter Chrome, like the Hussle Glitter Chrome ($15, Icy Wifey) that is iridescent pink and blue. Finally, she swipes on a mauve lipstick and feathers it out for a flushed, ombre look.

With her curled, long pink wig, the overall look is stunning. “It just makes you look cold like you’re freezing cold. I don’t know what’s so sexy about being freezing cold, but I like to look like I’m freezing cold,” Doja Cat says. This routine usually takes the rapper an hour and a half. With all of its steps, it’s definitely not the simplest, but if you want to look like a certified egirl, there’s no better tutorial.