Uoma's beauty's trippin smooth collection prime and powder open to show texture

This New Drop From UOMA Beauty Is Trippy AF

Don’t trip. Stay smooth.

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Mushrooms have been having a moment in skin care, which isn’t surprising considering they offer some seriously spectacular benefits. One major mushroom fan is UOMA Beauty founder Sharon Chuter, who’s bringing the skin care benefits of mushrooms to UOMA Beauty’s latest drop: the Trippin Smooth Collection.

The Trippin Smooth Collection, available on Friday, June 10, features two products that deliver a dose of shroom-y goodness to your skin while also managing to be incredibly useful beauty products in their own right. Between the ultra-fine milled Trippin Smooth Powder and the hydrating and illuminating Trippin Smooth Primer, you’ve got a fungi-fueled formula for some seriously magical skin.

I had the chance to witness the magic of the mushrooms in the new Trippin Smooth primer and powder myself, when Chuter previewed them on her own skin for editors ahead of the launch. “Mushrooms have antioxidant properties, they're anti-inflammatory, and they help your overall health,” Chuter tells us during the event. “They fight premature aging, they protect against skin damage, and they brighten and hydrate. I love them.”

Once I saw these products at work, I have to say I kind of love mushrooms, too. I wasn’t surprised that the Trippin Smooth Primer and Powder were amazing — everything Chuter touches is basically makeup perfection — but I was taken aback by how these two products elevate the genres of primer and powder, if you will, by doing some nifty things. In Chuter’s own words, you’re getting “a really, really beautiful makeup product, but also a really hardcore and very efficacious skin care product.” Trust me, they’ve got the range. Ahead, everything you want to know about UOMA Beauty’s latest launch.

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What’s in UOMA Beauty’s Trippin Smooth Collection?

The two new products from UOMA Beauty are, as I mentioned, a powder and primer. The Trippin Smooth Primer features an extract from the pulp of Fomes officinalis mushrooms as its hero ingredient, while the Trippin Smooth Powder is powered by reishi mushrooms.

UOMA Beauty is known for its inclusive shade ranges across all product categories, not just foundation, so you know these two products will work for a wide variety of skin tones. The powder comes in four shades that adjust to your unique skin tone and have a soft-focus, matte finish. But the coolest thing about this powder is that it’s hydrating. You’re not going to get that patchy dryness that some powders leave behind. The finish is truly “your skin but better,” smooth and luminous. Because it’s so ultra-fine, it doesn’t settle into lines on your face and it has zero flashback. It’s a brand new version of what a powder can be.

The primer is also a stunner, and one that’s three years in the making. The texture is whipped and, in addition to the magic mushrooms, it features a megadose of chamomile water to calm and hydrate the skin. “This is literally a skin care product,” Chuter says, adding that the work the primer does in terms of blurring and smoothing skin isn’t done with silicones like some primers. Instead, a combination of pearls and probiotics “mattifies and blurs, but also illuminates your skin at the same time.”

How much does the UOMA Beauty Trippin Smooth Collection cost?

The quality of UOMA Beauty products is more prestige than drugstore, but the price point hovers somewhere between the two. Still, Chuter is mindful of cost. “We've actually tried to look after everybody when it comes to price because times are tough and those gas prices are not coming down,” she says. With that in mind, the two new products are right within the range of other UOMA Beauty products. The Trippin Smooth Powder will set you back just shy of $30, while the Trippin Smooth Primer costs $29.

Where can I buy UOMA Beauty’s Trippin Smooth Collection?

The Trippin Smooth Collection is available online on the UOMA Beauty website as well as through Ulta Beauty and Nordstrom’s websites.

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