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Lizzo in black lipstick at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards on August 28, 2022.

Black Lipstick Is The Moody, Dramatic Beauty Trend To Try ASAP

Hi, secret goths. It’s time to come out of hiding.

Udo Salters/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Get ready to live out your secret goth fantasy because black lipstick is trending for fall 2022. The dark fantasy color has taken over red carpets and NYFW runways just in time for spooky season. The black lipstick of the moment is intense, dramatic, and demands attention. Given that black lipstick is such a statement maker, you don’t need to do much makeup around it. This lip look can absolutely stand alone. Matte, glossy, jewel-encrusted — whatever style you choose, a black lip moment goes hard. It serves “head witch in charge” and “dark queen of the underworld” in equal measure. Black lipstick radiates power, confidence, and baddie energy.

Black lipstick comes in and out and style, but its recent rise to popularity seemed to start in July 2022, when Lily James wore black lipstick for a Versace campaign. Then in August, Lizzo took the look to the Video Music Awards red carpet. Black lipstick was one of NYFW’s hottest beauty trends and made appearances on the Luar and PRISCAVera runways, among others, so to even call it a trend might even be underselling it. Black lipstick is the moment and when it comes to how to wear it, there are so many options — including the three stunning ways to wear black lipstick I’m about to break down for you.

Black Lipstick Trend: Pillowy Matte

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For her Elvira look in a recent Versace campaign, James’ matte black lipstick stole the show, which is no small feat because look at those gloves. Her creamy lipstick didn’t have a hint of shine, but it didn’t need shine to draw the eyes. Instead, the matte shade had a pillowy effect that made her pout look incredibly soft. The black lipstick pops against her super neutral makeup proving one of my favorite points about working a goth lip into your fall beauty lineup: There’s no eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, or brows needed for a strong look. Simply paint your mouth black and go.

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To achieve a pillowy, matte black lipstick look, start by exfoliating to scrub away dead skin and create the perfect base. Both dark matte lipsticks tend to highlight every dry spot or crack in your lips so you want to start smooth. Once you’ve got your lips feeling baby soft, go in with black cream-based lipstick. A creamy lippie, as opposed to a liquid one, is best for creating a satiny, midnight finish.

Black Lipstick Trend: Liquid Lipstick

Udo Salters/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Lizzo went glitzy and smokey with her black lipstick at the VMAs, which I am willing to concede might actually be black-ish forest green. Regardless of its exact shade, it’s goth as heck and counts as a black lipstick moment. Lizzo’s black lip was characterized by a bit of overlining to sharpen her cupid’s bow, and a stunning faux lip ring accessory. There was also a bit of playfulness with the finish. Look closely and you’ll see a slight shine and matte contrast between the edges and center of her lips.

Rather than a cream-based lipstick, Lizzo’s makeup artist Alexx Mayo used Mac’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Caviar to create her budge-proof, slightly shiny black lip. In a TikTok shared by the “Juice” singer, Mayo applied the lipstick by first dotting some product in the center of Lizzo’s lips before spreading it out to the sides and making sure her edges stayed sharp. Since you don’t want to end up with black lipstick all over your face, definitely take note and copy this more careful application approach.

Black Lipstick Trend: Embellished Lips

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Black lipstick is clearly a statement in and of itself, but it’s also something you can amp way up. That’s exactly what the makeup artists working the PRISCAVera Spring/Summer show did during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 12, 2022. The models’ black lips were adorned with black jewels for a look that’s pure luxury. Material goth girls, this one is for you.

To get this look at home, you’ll need a lip adhesive and some tiny gems. After applying the lip glue, give it a moment to get tacky, the same way you would with lash glue. This will ensure that the gems really stick. Then, using tweezers, get started on placing your gems. A fully gem-encrusted look won’t be easy to eat with, but it will make for a powerful moment.