Billie Eilish went Instagram official with Jesse Rutherford.

Billie Eilish & Jesse Rutherford's Halloween Costumes Were Cringe

Fans weren’t thrilled with the reference to their age gap.

Karwai Tang/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Billie Eilish took to Instagram to share what she got up to this Halloween season — oh, and to go Instagram Official with her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford. ICYMI, even before the singer confirmed their romance, fans weren’t too sure what to think about this pair due to their 11-year age gap. But it looks like Eilish didn’t take that criticism to heart. Her and Rutherford’s controversial Halloween costume seemed like it was shading the haters — but it might have just made things worse.

On Nov. 1, Eilish shared an Instagram carousel post, featuring plenty of Halloween-themed pictures and videos (plus some cute dog vids). In one clip, Eilish filmed Rutherford in a clown costume — the first sign of her taking their relationship to the ‘gram. By the last slide of the post, however, things got a little messier. Based on the photo, it looked like Eilish dressed up like a baby and Rutherford as an old man in a couples costume that seemed to reference their age gap.

Although the post got over four million likes, the comments section was understandably concerned about the last photo. “Honestly yikes on the last photo,” one user wrote. Another commented, “last slide is interesting babe.”

Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It wasn’t just people on Instagram who were concerned about Eilish’s Halloween look. Plenty of TikTok users took to the app to discuss the costume, and they weren’t too happy either. In one video, a TikToker wrote, “billie i love u but i cannot defend you after tonights halloween costume... it got worse when i realized they were MATCHING!!!!” (That video has over 131,000 likes.)

Rumors about Eilish and Rutherford started in early October after the duo reportedly had a three-hour-long dinner date at Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, there was some PDA involved, too. Then, on Oct. 13, Eilish and Rutherford were spotted holding hands in a video posted to TikTok. That’s not all: On Oct. 19, TMZ shared photos of the duo hugging and kissing during an outing in Studio City.

I guess it only makes sense that their October romance would feature a Halloween post — even if it was a cringey one.

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