Billie Eilish is reportedly dating Jesse Rutherford.

Who Is Billie Eilish’s Rumored Boyfriend? Meet Jesse Rutherford



Deep breaths, everyone. I think Billie Eilish just pretty much went official with her new BF Jesse Rutherford. OK, OK, the Grammy winner hasn’t explicitly confirmed her budding romance with the singer-songwriter just yet. However, pictures (and TikTok videos) say a thousand words. I’m honestly pretty convinced by the dinner date, the Halloween Horror Nights date, and, um, the public makeout. So, who exactly is Eilish’s rumored boyfriend? Jesse Rutherford is the lead singer of The Neighbourhood, and he’s 31.

It seems like these two had quite a whirlwind romantic week. On Oct. 13, Eilish and Rutherford reportedly shared a three-hour-long dinner at Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles. There are several photos of the rumored lovebirds looking cozy at a booth together, and according to TMZ, there were “smooches” involved.

Their adventures continued the next night at Universal Studios in LA. A fan posted a video of the “Happier Than Ever” crooner and Rutherford holding hands and wrote, “OMG I just saw Billie Eilish at [Halloween] Horror Nights.” Yeah, I would be all-caps-OMG excited, too.

And the sightings didn’t stop there. In photos obtained by TMZ on Oct. 19, Eilish and Rutherford didn’t seem to be hiding their relationship. During what appears to be a date night in Studio City, the singers were embracing, laughing, and kissing.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, who is Rutherford, exactly? The “Sweater Weather” singer also plays guitar and drums, and he’s done a bit of acting, too. Obviously, Eilish and Rutherford have a shared passion for music, but many fans are concerned about their 11-year age gap. “I love Jesse but it don’t sit right with me how she’s not even able to legally drink [and] he’s 31 no no no 😭😭😭,” one fan commented on the Horror Nights TikTok. Another chimed in, “No Billie plz nooooo.”

Well, we’ll just have to see where Besse (oof) goes, I suppose.