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13 #HomeCafe Coffee Recipes On TikTok That Give Barista

Oh, what a *brewtiful* coffee!

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If you remember the dalgona coffee trend that took over TikTok in 2020, you know the social media app is no stranger to Insta-worthy drinks. In fact, some #HomeCafe coffee recipes on TikTok are so impressive that they may inspire you to make your own iced lattes at home. The benefits of home brewing is not only a much-needed boost of caffeine and content for the ‘Gram, but you can also save some serious money over time by not spending $5 to $6 on one drink.

Even if all you know how to make right now is a plain drip coffee, these TikTok coffee recipes are so easy to follow that a newbie barista like you can tackle them. Sometimes, all it takes is cute-shaped ice cubes, fun-flavored creamers, and a handheld frother for coffee shop-like foam to take your go-to coffee recipe to the next level. You may also be tired of your current coffee routine and these TikTok recipes will give you something new and exciting to try when you find yourself strolling to the kitchen around 3 p.m. for your afternoon pick-me-up.

Now that you're convinced to try them out yourself, the real question is, which of these 13 TikTok coffee recipes do you want to try first? Go with a refreshing strawberry cheesecake latte or perhaps a seasonal pumpkin pie coffee. If you want to, record yourself in your own coffee recipe TikTok video or Insta Reel to celebrate National Coffee Day on Sept. 29 or just a random Monday when you need it the most. Just remember to use #HomeCafe in your caption to hopefully inspire someone else to get their home brew on.

Potted Plant Boba

If you really want to go for style points, try making this potted plant boba drink. With Oreo cookie crumbles and a mint leaf on top of your foam, it gives this drink the look of an adorable potted plant. This recipe from TikToker @feedmeimei actually uses milk tea, but you can always substitute that with coffee. Sammee actually has instant coffee boba kits ($36, Sammee) with pretty much everything you need for this recipe’s base.

Waffle Coffee

The ultimate breakfast — waffles and coffee — has now been combined in this delicious waffle coffee drink. You'll definitely want to try this recipe from TikToker @coffeebae97 first thing in the morning. The full recipe is available on Instagram, but this drink combines almond milk, maple syrup, cacao powder, Chaga mushrooms, and a double shot of espresso. Add a waffle slice on top to really give it that Insta-worthy finish.

Caramel Chocolate Banana Milk Iced Coffee

A flavored creamer can make all the difference when you’re trying to switch up your coffee routine. For instance, TikToker @elissahallie_ uses chocolate Bananamilk from Mooala to make this caramel chocolate banana iced coffee. If you’re not a chocolate fan, they also have regular Bananamilk and strawberry Bananamilk as well.

Vanilla Cinnamon Maple Matcha Latte

When it comes to lattes, you trust Emma Chamberlain to know what she’s talking about. So, when she talks about a vanilla cinnamon maple matcha latte, you know you have to try it just like TikToker @_danielrhodess. While the name of this drink is a lot, the flavors work perfectly together to create a gorgeous and tasty drink. If you prefer coffee over matcha, Chamberlain Coffee does have a vanilla blend ($14, Chamberlain Coffee) as well to switch out with the matcha mix.

Blueberry Matcha Latte

For a super vibrant drink, try this blueberry matcha latte from TikToker @mledrinks. It's all about the layers with this drink. It has the blueberry at the bottom, the milk at the center, and the green matcha on top. It's gorgeous as is, but if you want to get extra fancy, make heart-shaped matcha ice cubes like TikToker @jess.sung. You could even swap out the matcha for your fave coffee blend if you prefer that as well.

Strawberry Cheesecake Latte

By making speciality ice cubes, you can instantly upgrade your drink. This strawberry cheesecake latte from TikToker @usagikxo not only has strawberry ice cubes, but they're heart-shaped and have colorful sprinkles inside. This drink also blends together espresso, milk, and a pink strawberry cheese foam on top to give you that strawberry cheesecake flavor.

Autumn Proffee

Now that fall is officially here, you want to add some of those seasonal flavors into your coffee like cinnamon, nutmeg, or even pumpkin. In addition to the fall flavors, adding some extra protein could help you get through a full day of pumpkin picking, apple pie making, and leaf peeping. TikToker @premierprotein has this super simple autumn proffee — aka protein coffee — recipe with the option of adding in whatever fall flavors you like the best. A super simple choice is pumpkin whipped cream with sprinkled cinnamon on top.

Caramel Macchiato

Caramel macchiatos are a staple at Starbucks, but can seriously drain your bank account if you order them every single day. While it’s always acceptable to treat yourself, make your own caramel macchiatos at home with this recipe from TikToker @yourcoffeedude. Don’t forget the caramel drizzle on top for the ‘Gram and enjoy.

Strawberry Sunday Latte

This drink from TikToker @faelgoodfashion was made specifically for Sundays. It's a refreshing strawberry latte that is perfect for those chilling at home days. But if you do need that extra boost of caffeine, you can add a shot of espresso on top.

Maple Cinnamon Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee has become the cool way to brew at home, but this recipe from TikToker @yaslsa can be made with simple drip or instant coffee as well. All you need to do is mix together maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla with your milk before adding in your chosen coffee. The maple and cinnamon are especially great for this time of year.

Non-Dairy Caramel Cold Brew

TikToker @lindagutii shows off how to make a copycat Starbucks drink at home, and this coffee recipe is non-dairy and sugar free. You can of course make this recipe your own, but the star ingredient that gives it that Starbucks taste is the Caramel Macchiato Creamer ($6, Target) that you can get in regular or non-dairy.

Pumpkin Pie Iced Latte

Autumn lovers will definitely want a slice of this pumpkin pie iced latte. In this coffee recipe, TikToker @kami.larae brews up three different #HomeCafe coffee drinks that you’ll want to try. However, the pumpkin pie one is especially great for this season. Using pumpkin pie sauce in the coffee and pumpkin pie syrup in the milk, you get this iced latte that’s so gourd.

Instant Iced Coffee

A super simple recipe to start off with is this instant iced coffee recipe from TikToker @ritzannechantan. The hack to this coffee recipe is to use room temp water instead of hot water. This will make your iced coffee less bitter.

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