Elite Daily Newsletter: December 8, 2022

The relatable way Harry and Meghan actually met, how to style boots with skirts in the winter, and more.

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Met Via INSTAGRAM?!

Here I am getting DMs from weird bots and watching endless nail art tutorials and meanwhile Meghan Markle is literally catching the eye of a prince. Apparently, Harry had a secret IG where he posted nature photos and he stumbled upon a mutual friend’s video of Meghan — with a silly filter on it, no less! — and was intrigued. The rest is history. No, literally: like actual history. READ MORE

You’ll Melt Over Ryan Reynolds’ Latest Quote About Blake Lively

Now, over to swoon-worthy news from American royalty, aka Deadpool and Serena Van Der Woodsen. The duo is mostly known for slaying red carpets and playfully roasting one another on social media. However, those moments where they simply gush about their relationship are just as legendary. Like in Reynolds’ recent acceptance speech at the People’s Choice Awards. READ MORE


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How To Style Winter Boots With Skirts For A Put-Together Look All Year Round

While you can easily throw boots on with your long dresses and pants, there’s probably one garment you’re yearning for: skirts. Mini, midi, maxi, no matter what length of skirt you love, you don’t have to tuck them away for spring. Instead, you can style your skirt with a pair of winter boots and traverse even the gustiest of days on trend and in style. READ MORE

Mindy Kaling Bashed The Office For Being "Inappropriate" & Fans Are Heated

The former The Office star and writer recently claimed much of the show probably couldn’t be made in modern times, since most of the characters would be “canceled” for their “inappropriate” behavior. But reactions to Kaling’s comments — namely on Twitter — beg to differ. READ MORE


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