These TikTok inspired themes for your White Elephant party include so many festive ideas.
9 Unique Themes For Your White Elephant Party From TikTok

The gift exchange is about to get wild.

by Andrea Hannah
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The holidays are all about giving, but let’s be real, getting gifts is also a ton of fun. That’s one of the reasons a White Elephant party is always a good time — you get to do both. If you’re looking for a way to change up your Secret Santa celebration and make your get-together even more special (and fun) this year, you definitely want to check out these TikTok-inspired themes for your White Elephant party.

Getting any kind of gift is great, but you also don’t want to be the one left with something you can’t use... or you just don’t like. By adding a specific theme to your White Elephant party, you can go in with a good idea of what kind of item you’ll bring home. Instead of Aunt Kathy’s homemade craft project, you may end up with a Taylor Swift-themed gift, or even all the ingredients you need to make your favorite Christmas cocktail. Plus, you also get to pick out themed gifts, and that’s always a good time. It’s a win-win for everyone involved in the White Elephant party.

But coming up with a fun and unique theme for your holiday party isn’t exactly easy. That’s where social media comes in. Browse through these unique White Elephant theme ideas from TikTok and put your own spin on it to make your holiday party truly unforgettable this year.

Taylor Swift Midnights Theme

While TikToker @maryiedtothemoney and her friends call this party “Taylor Swift Drinkography”, you don’t have to use alcohol to partake in this gift exchange for Swifties. Ask each of your guests to bring a White Elephant gift inspired by or related to one of Swift’s albums and write the name of the album on the package. Everyone can choose their fave album, you can play Swift’s Midnights album in the background, and wear red lipstick to celebrate.

Wear Something You Normally Wouldn’t Wear

In this TikTok trend by @kaseymeads, it doesn’t matter what kind of White Elephant gift you bring so much as you change up your attire for the party. Tell your guests they can bring any gift they want (within budget) but they have to wear something out of their comfort zone for the exchange. In @kaseymeads’ TikTok, guests wore everything from bathrobes to leotards, making for a lot of laughs.

Winter Wonderland White Elephant Theme

TikToker @princesspullen went above and beyond with this gorgeous winter wonderland theme party. Everything is decked out in ice blue and silver, and there’s even a balloon-filled wall for you and your guests to snap a few pics in front of. If you don’t want to go that far, you can still opt for a winter wonderland-themed gift exchange byy encouraging everyone to bring wintery gifts. Think scarves, mittens, gourmet hot cocoa, and all the coziness that comes with cold weather.

Self-Care White Elephant

Tons of TikTokers are hosting self-care themed White Elephant parties to continue with the warm and cozy vibes. Ideas include everything from gifting “soft and cuddly” presents like stuffed animals and blankets, spa-themed items, or board games. Truly, the possibilities are endless with a self-care themed gift exchange. Think skin-care, slippers, and scrunchies to gift!

Make Your Own Cocktail For Your White Elephant

What’s not to love about a cocktail gift exchange, similar to this one by @zrrrrrod? Here’s how it works: Ask your guests to gift the non-alcoholic ingredients to your favorite holiday cocktail, including the bitters, syrups, and toppings they’d need to make it on their own. Everyone can pitch in for a variety of alcohol, and after the white elephant exchange, you can all make and try your cocktails.

Dungeons & Dragons White Elephant Theme

If you and your crew love to game together, this D&D-themed gift exchange by @joan_de_art is sure to be a blast. Instead of purchasing traditional gifts, you actually make a gift that the recipient could use in the game. Examples include physical versions of potions, weapons, food items, and more. When the exchange is over, you could even start up your game and put your new items to use.

Hat White Elephant Theme

Who doesn’t love a good hat as a holiday gift?! Consider doing a hat White Elephant gift exchange with all different types of hats. From baseball hats and trucker hats to fedoras and cowboy hats, you can really get creative with this theme. You might even find a few hats that you had no idea existed. Spend the rest of the evening wearing your hats and sipping on egg nog.

Sorority White Elephant Theme

Whether you have a sister or friends that feel like sisters, a sisterhood-themed party like the one hosted by Alpha Phi at Iowa State is a great way to express your love for them. You could have your sisters wear matching holiday pajamas, bring each other’s favorite food, and otherwise show them you care. You could even ask your guests to bring White Elephant gifts that you can all share or experience together.

“As Seen on TV” White Elephant Theme

For a funny, more comical White Elephant gift exchange, try doing an “as seen on TV” theme for your group of friends. There’s bound to be more gag gifts, but it might just be the most random and hilarious gift exchanges of them all. These are all gifts that are advertised on TV, or get creative with it and incorporate another aspect into the exchange, such as “social media ads.”

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