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A woman does the 2022 Eras Trend From TikTok.

How To Do The 2022 Eras Trend On TikTok For New Year’s Reflections

Forget Spotify, this is your 2022 photo album “wrapped.”

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2022 is wrapping up, and it’s time to reflect on another action-packed year. There were so many highs and lows you experienced, with phases of inspiration and exciting milestones you can now look back on. Some moments may have been especially *cringe*, but it all adds up to the person you’re about to be in 2023, and they’re easier to laugh at in hindsight. There’s a new trend on TikTok called the “2022 eras” (no, this is not associated with Taylor Swift), and it’s all about sharing the best parts of your camera roll that sum up the past year. Here’s how to do the 2022 eras trend with tons of inspo from TikTok.

Throughout the year, your personal style, interests, and moods likely changed several times over and never stopped evolving. This time last year, you were a totally different person, and all those little changes in 2022 taught you more about yourself and how you want to approach the new year. Your version of the eras trend can showcase anything that mattered to you in 2022, such as fleeting hyper-fixations, trends you followed, and events that defined the year.

Examples include periods that were unique to your experience, like a “Matcha Latte Era,” “New Apartment Era,” or “College Grad Era,” for example. Your TikTok doesn’t necessarily have to be 12 photos for each month, as the format is more conceptual than chronological. You could even make one to track your evolution through a specific interest, like all the beauty trends you experimented with or your growth in a hobby, like these art era TikToks by @ink0scape and @twinsmoon3.


There’s so much inspo to browse in the tag #ErasOf2022 and it’s cool to scroll through everyone’s chronicles of 2022. @baileemylin shared her “eras” through vacations, titling photos “carefree beach girl/yacht era” or “European summer era,” mixed in with exciting professional and personal memories like “set designer era” and “NYC besties era.” @sylvaaan’s TikTok flips from “heartbreak era” using a crying selfie, “Guatemala era” with a trip pic, “new job era” in a scrub selfie, and “dog mom era” with a photo of her puppy. @shannonfinnie7 kept it focused in one theme, showing off her different hair color slays throughout the year. You get the idea. Here’s the step-by-step to make a 2022 eras TikTok as the year winds down.

How Make A #2022Eras TikTok


The trend takes a photo slide format, with each photo labeled with text of the era. The first thing you need to do is roundup all the standout pics from 2022 in a separate photo album, so they’re easier to grab when you’re editing. The app allows you to select up to 35 photos, so you can get creative and specific with your era curation. The popular “sound” to use for this trend is called “azealia banks competition sped up,” so go ahead and tap “Add to Favorites,” that way it’s on-hand while you edit. Feel free to use a different song if you prefer, and then tag #2022Eras so other users can see your digital scrapbook.

Next, open the TikTok app and tap the “+” button in the bottom center. Tap the “Upload” photo box on the lower left of the screen and grab all the photos in your designated 2022 photo album in the order you want them to unfold. After tapping “Next,” the app defaults the images to “video mode,” so select “switch to photo mode” in the bottom center of the screen (this makes it easier to add text to each image).


Here, you can select the sound you want to use from your “Favorites” tab. Finally, go ahead and add “eras” titles to your photos. These can be as clever, dramatic, and silly as you want. Some fun ideas are “Espresso Martini Era” (@kalanihilliker) “In Love Era/Single Again Era” (@elliezeiler), and “Thought I was so cool in this era, go off I guess,” (@isanelba).

When your masterpiece is complete, add a caption to sum up the year, and post it to your TikTok. You can even repost it on your Instagram story, since you can’t fit your whole year in just 10 grid slides. This time next year it will be so fun to look back at all your 2022 eras and how much you changed in 2023.