I Tried 5 Viral Crescent Bags & Found My New Go-To Gift
I Tried 5 Viral Crescent Bags & Found My New Go-To Gift

TikTokers are *obsessed* with Baggu, but there may be a better option for you.

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One of the highlights of my year was traveling to Japan. I’d always dreamed of going, but still found myself overwhelmed with how to start planning my trip. That’s when I turned to my travel advisor (aka TikTok), and along with finding hidden gem cafes and Insta-worthy street food, I stumbled across a bunch of cute crescent bags for all different kinds of travelers.

Getting the right travel accessories is just as important as discovering the best things to do in your destination. Since crescent bags have been popular for the better part of the past year-plus, I chose one for my Asian adventure: the Baggu Medium Nylon Crescent Bag.

As the weeks went on, I made more and more travel plans, leading to even more opportunities to test out TikTok-beloved moon-shaped purses — like Uniqlo’s mini shoulder bag, which went viral for its ability to hold a seemingly endless amount of things à la Mary Poppins’ magical accessory. It can be worn on your shoulder, like a Y2K baguette bag, or as a crossbody carrier, which is how I prefer it.

Away, Athleta, and Lululemon have also recently entered the chat, with their own versions of a crescent bag that can be converted into a crossbody for traveling.

Below, you’ll find my honest reviews of the crescent bags I took to theme parks, on cruises, and flights this year to see which one is actually the best for storage, style, and staying on budget.

For All Day Fun

Baggu’s Nylon Crescent Bag is probably the most well-known of the five options. Celebs like Margot Robbie and AnnaSophia Robb are fans of the brand, which makes its minimalistic accessories an option for those hoping to channel the quiet luxury aesthetic.

Key features:

  • Adjustable logo strap.
  • Machine washable.
  • Two zippered interior pockets.


Baggu gets points for being the OG crescent bag to grace TikTok’s FYP, and the color options really allow you to coordinate your bag with the rest of your vibe or luggage. There’s even a Hello Kitty embroidered color that’s very kawaii for anyone also traveling to Japan.

Aside from its green color (my fave), what I loved the most about the Medium Nylon Crescent Bag was its size. It was able to hold not only my essentials (keys, wallet, phone, portable charger, etc.), but it was wide enough to store my wand while visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan, as well as some Mickey Mouse ears and a water bottle for trips to Tokyo Disneyland. The size can’t be beat, and the interior pockets help for storing smaller items you want to easily get ahold of instead of digging to the bottom of the bag.


As much as I love showing off logos and having my Baggu strap out, I wasn’t a fan of how it just hangs there when you wear it short. I typically like the crossbody format, but when I shortened it to wear it as a traditional crescent bag, the strap would get in the way. I had to eventually just tie it in a knot, which didn’t feel as cool.

The material is also a bit scratchy compared to some of the other bags on this list, if you’re someone who likes the feel of your bags as well as their function.

Overall Score: 4/5

Ever since I first saw people on TikTok and even some of my friends getting Baggu bags, I’ve been wanting to have one of my own. I love that I can throw my iPad inside along with everything else in my bag and go to a cafe to work for the day. I just wish the adjustable strap had somewhere to go instead of just hanging down.

I do want to try and Birkinify my Baggu bag, which has become a trend on TikTok. That could be one way to embrace the clutter of things hanging off it.

For The Minimalist

Fit girlies like Selena Gomez and Charli D’Amelio love themselves some Athleta, so you can bet that the brand came to play with its own crescent purse. The All About Crossbody Bag was made for anyone on the go, commuting to work, going to the gym, or traveling. Its recycled polyester material adds to its sleek design that gives this everyday bag a little more sophistication.

Key features:

  • Adjustable strap.
  • Water-repellent.
  • Two small net interior pockets.


Out of all the bags I tried, the Athleta one has the most luxurious design. Since I chose the black color, I was even able to bring it to a formal dinner.

In its crescent bag form, it can take the place of a nice purse, but you also have the option to wear it as a crossbody for traveling and running errands. The interior pockets were nice for keeping important things in a designated place.


This is one of the smaller crescent bags I tried. While I could still fit a fair amount inside, I wasn’t able to store my iPad, which makes this more of a casual bag than something I’d use for serious traveling. There’s also a stretch cord inside for you to attach your keys, but I just found it getting in my way a lot when I was looking for something.

The strap also has the same issue as the Baggu bag, where if you choose to wear it on your shoulder, the extra bit will just hang down rather than having a place to go.

Overall Score: 3.5/5

While this bag does have a few cons, I really enjoyed how simple it is for an everyday bag. It’s not my choice for traveling and didn’t have that wow factor with storage, but I now have a go-to bag for nice events or just going to run errands on the weekend.

For The Savvy Traveler

Two words: sold out. (Yes, it’s that popular.) While Away’s Everyday Crescent Bag is currently out of stock, the brand tells Elite Daily that an updated version will be coming in 2024.

If you can’t wait for its return, Away does have some other great crossbody bags options available now, like The Quilted Everywhere Crossbody ($65) for everyday use and the F.A.R Messenger 16L ($44) for a little more storage.

Key features:

  • 10L size that can fit a 13” laptop.
  • Front zip pocket.
  • Interior zippered pocket.


Of all the bags I tried, this is the most Mary Poppins-like. I used this as my personal bag on a trip to Seattle and was able to fit my 13” MacBook Pro, cables, water bottle, passport, hand sanitizer, wipes, headphones, wallet, portable charger, and even my iPad inside. It really does hold so much that I was surprised. The best part was having a front pocket for my essentials, like my ID, that I could easily pull out when needed.

The interior pocket can also be used for items you want to keep separate and protected with a zipper. Plus, the strap does NOT hang down when you tighten it.


While I have used this as an everyday bag, it is pretty big. When you tighten the strap all the way, it’s also longer than you may want for a traditional crescent bag style.

The bag only comes in black as well, which may be a letdown for anyone who loves color or wants to match their luggage.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

This is my new go-to carry-on for flights since it looks like a personal bag, but has the storage capabilities of a large backpack. It’s deceivingly good. You can even get away with not paying for a carry-on if your flight only allows one personal bag per person.

The only downfall is that it can be a bit too big for that early 2000s crescent bag vibe that Marissa Cooper from The O.C. rocked so perfectly.

For Smart Everyday Use

The Round Mini Shoulder Bag from Uniqlo went viral on TikTok (1M views on this one video alone), with users showing just how much they could store in this seemingly small bag.

The crescent shape is also designed to fit your body for easy wear, whether you’re going to the store or on a hike with your besties.

Key features:

  • Water-repellant finish.
  • Two small interior pockets.
  • Soft nylon fabric that’s dirt-resistant.


TikTok isn’t lying about this bag’s storage capabilities. The base of the bag expands, allowing you to fit more than you would think, like a wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, portable charger, and cables. While it sticks out a little, I can even fit my iPad in it just enough to bring it with me to a local coffee shop, along with my essentials.

The Round Mini Shoulder Bag also comes in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic, and they keep releasing more shades with the seasons. The interior pockets are great for smaller items you don’t want getting lost in the mix, and the fabric is light and fluffy like Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jackets. The strap can also be adjusted for you to wear super low and crossbody or close to your shoulder like a true Paris Hilton-inspired crescent bag. Plus, the strap doesn’t hang down at all.

The best part is that this bag is only $20. That’s a steal compared to the rest of the bags on this list that are more than double the price.


The only real con of Uniqlo’s crescent bag is that it’s not big enough to hold a laptop. I also wish the interior pockets were bigger and had a zipper. There are times I’ll throw something in quickly and it’ll go into the pocket instead of the main bag, and when I go to look for it later, I can’t find it right away.

Overall Score: 5/5

Despite it not being able to hold everything like Away’s bag, Uniqlo’s option is pretty impressive. It’s become my go-to bag almost every single day, and I have three colors, including a black corduroy version. I’ll even use this as a personal bag for flying when I don’t have my laptop with me.

On one of my excursions, I was able to fit a personal fan, wallet, water bottle, sunglasses, and sunscreen to perfection. If it had been bigger, I might have felt tempted to bring more, which would have been too heavy for those days of walking around Tokyo for hours.

For Simple Adventures

Lululemon may be what comes to mind when you’re in need of yoga pants, but the brand also has some really great bags as well. This All Night Festival Bag Micro 2L (currently at 4.6M views on TikTok), a smaller version of its popular 5L All Night Festival Bag ($78), was made for someone on the go, like music lovers at Coachella or someone heading to a fitness class with just the essentials.

Key features:

  • Zippered front pocket.
  • Second exterior pocket under flap.
  • Water-repellent fabric.


This Lululemon bag is sleek and simple, with an adjustable strap that doesn’t get in the way. The Wine Berry color is great, but it also comes in basic shades like white and black with either silver or gold zippers. The front zipper pocket is amazing for organization and being able to grab essentials.


This was the smallest of the bags and didn’t really hold a lot. The design is also a little weird where basically half of the bag is useless since it folds over to create the half circle shape. There’s also a magnet for the flap, which can interfere with your credit cards if you’re not careful.

The strap may be a little too long if you like a close fit while wearing it on your shoulder — it went to my upper waist at its shortest.

Overall Score: 2.5/5

Overall, this is a cute bag and I’d wear it for running quick errands, but it won’t be my go-to for anything else. The storage ability was disappointing, and I had to change it out for a different bag after failing to fit everything I needed for a short theme park day.

I can see how this would be good for a concert, but now that a lot of venues make you bring in clear bags, I would opt for Lululemon’s Clear Belt Bag ($44) instead. This was also the most expensive bag I tried and I used it the least, so I would say it’s not really worth the price.

Final Thoughts

TikTok really knows what it’s talking about, but I really fell in love with Away’s Everyday Crescent Bag. I’ve been singing its praises ever since I first used it on a flight to Washington this year, and can’t wait to keep using it for the rest of my travels. I really do feel like I found a secret travel hack, and it bums me out that it’s currently sold out.

As much as I loved the Away bag as a frequent traveler, Uniqlo’s Round Mini Shoulder Bag is the real MVP. It has everything you need for a super reasonable price. It’s become my go-to gift for everyone I love this holiday season, and I kind of want to buy it for myself in every color available. It really is that Mary Poppins magical.

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