I went to Paris Hilton's House of Y2K pop-up with Klarna.

I Went To Paris Hilton's House Of Y2K Pop-Up & It Was So Nostalgic

A selfie with Paris? That’s hot.

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Rachel Chapman

The aughts are back. That’s hot — and the same could be said for Paris Hilton’s House of Y2K. Along with shopping app Klarna, the Simple Life star hosted a VIP night at an interactive 2000s-themed pop-up in LA that was absolutely dripping in nostalgia.


Before it opened to fans on Friday, Feb. 24, Hilton invited celebs and influencers to check out the Insta-worthy experience. Seeing memorabilia from Hilton’s collection, like blinged out flip phones and fragrances, really brought me back to the ‘00s.

Here’s everything you missed:

Rachel Chapman