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32 Tried & True Holiday Gifts Elite Daily Editors Swear By

It’s giving 10/10.

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TikTok may bring you a steady stream of innovative hair devices, skin care tools, and kitchen gadgets on your FYP, but that doesn’t mean these mega-viral products will stand the test of time. And when it comes to giving holiday gifts — which is stressful enough to begin with — you want to make sure they’re good enough for your roomie, bestie, family members, partner (or situationship), and maybe even someone you don’t know very well (hey, you have standards after all!). To help you find those high-quality gifts you can stand behind, Elite Daily editors and writers rounded up our go-to gifts that we swear by time and time again.

The best part is it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to give someone a standout present they’ll remember for years to come. The majority of these beauty, fashion, home, and food products are under $50, and you’ll even find options here for as low as $15, too. From a super stylish wine advent calendar your mom will rave about to her book club to a brightening hydrogel eye mask for a sister who loves self-care and hates dark circles, here are 32 tried-and-true gifts for anyone on your list.

For Your Best Friend

A Perfume That Brings Out Their Natural Scent

Gifting someone a perfume that matches their vibe shows you've really put time and effort into thinking about them. If you're stumped on what to pick, Glossier You is always a good choice because it's meant to enhance the natural scent of your skin, so it will smell different on everybody. —Jordan Murray, editorial intern

A Glistening Gold Cutlery Set That’ll Elevate Any Meal

I’m obsessed with this gorgeous 30-piece stainless steel set from Shein. It’s so inexpensive for such an stunning dining essential. Don’t be surprised if your bestie who likes the shinier things in life suddenly starts hosting fancy dinner parties on the reg (a win for you, too). —Michelle Toglia, executive editor

A Chic Facial Massager With “Disco Balls”

This TikTok-viral gift sculpts TF out of your face and gets rid of any puffiness while also looking cute on your vanity. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Gold Chain You Can Layer

This 18K gold-plated necklace is the ultimate layering piece. It’s dainty, high quality, and has a cute locket accent you can wear in the front or back. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Moisturizer For All Skin Types

This is the perfect daily moisturizer for all skin types! Not too oily, but still incredibly hydrating — especially for the winter months. —Chelsea Jackson, staff writer

The Ultimate Matcha Kit

Your friend who loves making cozy drinks first thing in the morning or is obsessed with trying different drink recipes from TikTok will want their own starter kit at home. I love this matcha mix from Chamberlain Coffee because it comes with a reusable straw, frother, and mason jar mug — which I use all the time. —Rachel Chapman, staff writer

For Your Roommate

A Mask For Soft & Shiny Hair

Everyone who I've given this hair mask has loved it. It smells incredible and leaves your hair looking shiny and feeling soft for days after using it. Plus, it won't take up too much room in your shower caddy — a huge plus for any roommate gift. —Hannah Kerns, staff writer

A Candle Inspired By Their Hometown

I've never met someone who doesn't love a good candle. To make it a more personal gift, Homesick sells candles with scents inspired by different cities, states, and countries. Giving your roomie a candle that represents their hometown is a cute way to show you care and makes the gift even more special. —Jordan Murray, editorial intern

A Portable Milk Frother

For the latte-loving roomie, this USB-rechargeable whisk guarantees their morning cup is full of froth, even when they're on the go. I've been using it (and gifting it) for five years and I can't even remember what my a.m. espresso tasted like without it — and I don't want to! Plus, if you give it to your roommate, it's practically a gift for you too. —Michelle Toglia, executive editor

A Glam Set Of Cocktail Glasses

These coupe glasses from Anthropologie are gorgeous and the perfect statement piece for your bar cart. Choose from any of the pretty colorways, and you’ve got a trendy option for serving espresso ‘tinis. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Crystal Set That Doubles As Decor

For your roommate who's really into astrology, give them this zodiac crystal set that helps them amplify their unique traits. Plus, it also doubles as cute decor. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

For Your Sibling

A Makeup Gift Set Filled With Travel-Sized Essentials

Your sister will love this gift set, which has all of Charlotte Tilbury's most viral products for $30 off. The size makes it so easy to slide in your purse for a GNO or touching up on date night. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Snapback For Travel & Excercise

Your brother will actually be happy to get this trendy Vuori snapback, which features a minimalist design and moisture-wicking sweatband. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Versatile Duffle Made From Recycled Materials

This popular duffle that’s made from recycled plastic water bottles is the perfect size, whether your sibling is going to the gym or packing a bag for a weekend trip. There’s also an insulated side pocket for keeping drinks cold and a ventilated compartment for dirty gym clothes/shoes. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Box Of Assorted Gourmet Cookies

The holidays are a nostalgic time of year when you're practicing your family traditions and thinking about when you were younger. If one of your favorite memories is eating cookies with your siblings in December, this box of cookies is a great (and delicious) way to send them your love. —Rachel Chapman, staff writer

Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks

These trendy under-eye masks aren't just super calming, but they also brighten, hydrate, depuff, and totally eliminate any dark circles. —Dylan Kickham, associate entertainment editor

For Your Parent(s)

A Fancy Wine Advent Calendar

If your parent loves wine, this is a fun and festive way for them to discover new blends. You can choose from red or white (or get a sampler with both), and each of the mini bottles comes with a full description, tasting notes, and pairing suggestions. It’ll give them a little something to look forward to every night — and they can buy a full bottle if they really love any of the wines. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Roasted-To-Order Coffee Club Subscription

My parents loved this so much that they renewed the subscription once it ran out. The coffees are so good, and it's fun learning about the blends from each location (each bag comes with its own postcard and info about the coffee's tasting notes). —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Pair Of Cozy Platform Slippers

I find that parents tend to be huge fans of cozy footwear, especially during the colder months — my mom included! These platform slip-ons have a fluffy sheepskin lining and are currently on sale. —Chelsea Jackson, staff writer

A Trendy Crescent Bag That Fits Pretty Much Everything

These viral crescent bags are all over TikTok for how much they can hold, and they really are like Mary Poppins' bag. I got one for my mom before our Japan trip, and she used it everywhere. —Rachel Chapman, staff writer

A Handcrafted Nourishing Body Butter

My mom is the first person to complain about how dry her hands feel, especially in the wintertime. So each year, I gift her a lotion or body butter to help her skin feel revitalized and moisturized. Bonus points if it smells delicious. —Kaitlin Cubria, deputy experiences & style editor

For Your Partner Or Situationship

A Quality Wallet That's Less Than $30

If you've seen the "girlfriend air" TikTok trend, and think it's time to give your boyfriend a little upgrade, a nice wallet that will fit all of their cash and cards is a good place to start. I gifted my boyfriend the Herschel Hank wallet and he loves it. Plus, it's currently on sale for $28, so strike while the iron is hot. —Jordan Murray, editorial intern

A Set Of Stunning Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Your significant other will actually use these crystal whiskey glasses, which are really good quality and will look great sitting out on a bar cart. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A Card Game To Bring You Closer To Your Partner

Gifting your significant other a "getting to know you deeper" card game is a sweet gesture that you can both enjoy, no matter how long you’ve been together. This one from We’re Not Really Strangers focuses on strengthening your connection and comes with 150 questions and wildcards. Reviewers even say it helped them make up after a disagreement. —Hannah Kerns, staff writer

High-Quality Chef's Knives

Trying to convince your partner to cook for you more? Treat them to a starter set of high-quality chef's knives, which will last forever and elevate a starter kitchen into a more adult space. —Sarah Ellis, senior entertainment & dating editor

A Bright & Colorful Beanie

At this point, my significant other pretty much expects a new hat of some sort for the holidays. There are so many colorful and cute options out there, and they don't have to be expensive, making it the best stocking stuffer. —Kaitlin Cubria, deputy experiences & style editor

For Someone You Don't Know Very Well

A Glass Ornament That’s Cute As A Button

This s'more ornament is so cute, unique, and festive. I've ordered a few for various white elephant parties. —Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

A 30-Ounce Water Bottle That Ensures They’ll Stay Hydrated

This cup has gone viral so many times that it's a verifiable crowd-pleaser. Plus, a great water bottle is a great gift for someone you don't know super well — everyone needs to be hydrated. —Hannah Kerns, staff writer

A Six-Pack Of Seasonal Tea

Has anyone ever been upset to receive a nice set of seasonal tea? It's a great thing for anyone to have on hand for hosting or cozy nights at home. —Sarah Ellis, senior entertainment & dating editor

A Botanical Travel Candle

A few years ago I got a candle in a Yankee Swap and it quickly became my favorite candle. Now, I like to return the favor and gift the best-smelling candles when I play a holiday gift-giving game. This botanical one from Harlem Candle Company is one of my go-to's. With notes of bergamot, citrus, and lilac, it really does feel homey. —Michelle Toglia, executive editor

A Sleek Cocktail Shaker Set

A cocktail shaker bar set is the perfect Secret Santa gift. This one comes with a shaker cup, airtight lid, built-in strainer, two-sided measuring jigger, and an elegant bar spoon — *and* it's under $20! —Chelsea Jackson, staff writer

A Moisturizing Berry Lip Balm

A glowy balm makes for a great stocking stuffer or small treat in a Secret Santa gift because there is no one — I repeat, no one — who couldn't benefit from some extra lip moisturization. —Kaitlin Cubria, deputy experiences & style editor

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