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The Career (& Love) Advice Brooklyn Beckham Received From Dad David

“Hopefully, in five years, I’ve made a bit of a name for myself.”

Finding a career you love and thrive in isn’t as easy as it may seem. Many people in their 20s struggle with setting their own course, even Brooklyn Peltz Beckham.

Over the years, the 25-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham has tried to find a career that suits him. In the 2010s, he attempted to play soccer like his dad, began modeling professionally, and tried his hand at photography. Brooklyn even published a coffee table book titled What I See, featuring a collection of personal photos, but it was met with much “nepo baby” criticism online.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, as long as you do something and find something that makes you happy.

Unlike most people his age, Brooklyn’s shortcomings in finding a career path that works for him are on full display for the world to see. “I have tried a bunch of things out,” he tells Elite Daily, “The only thing I can say is it doesn’t matter what age you are, as long as you do something and find something that makes you happy.”

Most recently, Brooklyn has enjoyed bartending. Partnering with Baileys for its new s’mores-flavored liqueur, the serial entrepreneur — who married actor-director Nicola Peltz Beckham in 2022 — has helped create two summertime cocktails: a Dark ‘N’ Toasty and Toast-Tini, using the Baileys S’mores Liqueur. The Dark ‘N’ Toasty is a spicy and smoked s’mores-themed sip with mole and mezcal, while the Toast-Tini is a banana-flavored dessert drink.

Despite teaming up with the Irish cream liqueur brand for two tasty beverages, Brooklyn says his foray into mixology is just a passion and nothing more. “I love hosting, having my friends over for dinner and making drinks for everyone,” he says, but he doesn’t envision it going further than that: “I don’t think it will be a professional thing of mine.”

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Something that Brooklyn is proud to be? A wife guy. He’s often seen supporting Nicola at events — like the premiere of her directorial debut, Lola (even though his cameo was cut) — something he’s picked up from his dad.

Aside from being one of the most popular soccer players of all time, David is known for hyping up his wife, going as far as sharing viral videos of the Spice Girls reuniting and dancing in the kitchen together.

Below, Brooklyn shares the love advice he got from his famous father, along with where he sees his career going (and whether it might get him a guest spot on BFF Selena Gomez’s cooking show).

Elite Daily: You’ve been very open about the struggles you’ve experienced with finding a specific career path. How do you deal with the added pressure of finding your way into the spotlight?

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham: There are always going to be people saying rubbish things out there, but I’m used to it, and I don’t mind it. Honestly, it makes me want to work harder.

If you don't absolutely love what you’re doing, then try a few other things.

ED: When you played soccer, you mentioned having a lot of anxiety trying to live up to your dad’s reputation. What advice do you have for anyone who might feel pressured to follow in their parents’ footsteps?

BPB: Growing up, my dad was always like, “You don’t have to do football. I’m not going to force you to do football.” He was always very supportive of whatever I did. He just wanted me to be happy.

If you don’t absolutely love what you’re doing, then try a few other things. You can be whatever age and still not know what you’re doing. One of the main things in life is to make sure your family’s healthy and just make sure you’re happy.

ED: You cook and you had a show, Cookin’ With Brooklyn. Would you consider culinary school?

BPB: I would love to really learn the in-depths of cooking at some point. I’m not a professional chef at all, but I think I could see myself going into more of the business aspect of cooking. We’ll see where it goes.

ED: You’ve shared that Selena Gomez said your chicken wings were the best she’s ever had. Would you ever want to appear on Selena + Chef?

BPB: Yeah. I mean, I would love to. Maybe. We’ll see. I haven’t asked her though.

ED: Is there a cocktail you’ve made for Selena that she likes?

BPB: She is like my wife and enjoys the espresso martini that I make.

ED: With summer coming up, do you have any plans that you think your s’mores cocktails would be great to serve at?

BPB: I’m spending a bit of the summer with my wife’s family, and a bit with my family. Back in England, it gets cold. We like to sit by the fire and have some Baileys, so I’m really excited to pass out these cocktails to everyone.


I also want to try to spend some time with friends — maybe come out to New York from our place in LA. Los Angeles is where all our dogs are, so maybe spend some time there as well. It also depends on where my work is. I’m always traveling for my work.

Find your best mate and marry her.

ED: You’re really good at supporting your wife’s work. Do you think you get that from your dad because he's also supportive of your mom?

BPB: I definitely get that from my dad. Before I started dating Nic, my dad was like, “Find your best mate and marry her. It’s the best and biggest decision a guy can make in their life.” So I found that person, and I treat her the best. I’m always there supporting her.

ED: Where do you see yourself in five years?

BPB: Hopefully, in five years, I’ve made a bit of a name for myself. Maybe I’ll have a restaurant. I plan month by month, because I don’t really know where I’m going or what’s going to happen. I have a few things coming out this year, so we’ll see where those go.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.