Nicola Peltz cut her husband Brooklyn Beckham out of her movie 'Lola James.'

Nicola Peltz Cut Brooklyn Beckham From Her Movie For The Funniest Reason

"He was like, 'Did you really just cut me out while I'm sitting here?'"

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham may have a fairytale marriage, but that magic didn’t work so well on-screen, apparently. Peltz herself revealed that her husband just wasn’t cutting it in a new movie they worked on together, and it led to her removing his big scene from the final product. You really need to hear Nicola Peltz’s story about why she cut Brooklyn Beckham from her movie Lola James, because it must have been seriously awkward for the couple.

Peltz recounted the tricky situation in an Oct. 29 interview with Sunday Times Style, revealing that in 2021, her then-fiancé Beckham asked to be in her directorial debut Lola James. “Brooklyn is still mad at me, but he was like, ‘Can I be in your movie?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I would be honored,’” Peltz said. “He did a few parts in the background, which if you pay attention, you can find, but in one scene he's like, ‘Can I put the mic on, I wanna say a line?’”

Unfortunately, that’s where it all fell apart. “I started laughing so hard,” Peltz said. “He had the most British accent ever. I ended up cutting him out! He sat there, in the editing room, he was like, ‘Did you really just cut me out while I'm sitting here?’... I was like, ‘Yes, I love you so much!’”

Although Beckham’s speaking part was edited out of the movie, Peltz confirmed her hubby can still be spied in the background of some scenes.

While cutting your own husband out of your movie was probably a super awkward situation, Peltz and Beckham have clearly gotten over it and are more in love than ever — look no further than their ultra-romantic Romeo and Juliet costumes for Halloween this year for proof. Beckham was also peak supportive partner for Peltz when her directorial debut was announced in early 2021, writing: “I am so proud of you and looking forward to seeing this project x you are the most talented person and I am so happy that your dream is coming true x you have worked your bum off to create an amazing movie and an amazing piece of art x I am so lucky I got to be a part of it and got to meet the amazing cast and crew.”

Beckham may not have gotten to be as big a part of Peltz’s movie as he had imagined, but that’s clearly not going to stop him from supporting his wife’s exciting new project.