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Selena + Chef Season 4 Was Filmed At The Hannah Montana House, So Cue The Nostalgia

It also has a surprising Big Little Lies connection.

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Early ‘00s fans, get ready for the ultimate nostalgic crossover this August. When Selena Gomez’s hit cooking show Selena + Chef returns for its fourth season, fans can expect to see the former Disney star master her cooking skills in a very familiar setting. HBO Max confirmed to Elite Daily that Selena + Chef Season 4 was filmed in the same Malibu mansion used in Hannah Montana — and it’s a Disney overlap we’re stanning.

ICYMI, the Hannah Montana home was a headquarters for Miley Stewart’s double-life as a pop star. Throughout the series, we saw its exterior in the theme song and episode transitions, alongside depictions of Miley’s Malibu lifestyle at the beach and the boardwalk. A decade later, the two Disney Channel divas are crossing paths in that very house, and you can see Selena in Malibu when the new season of Selena + Chef premieres on Aug. 18.

It’s actually not the first time Selena and Miley shared the Hannah Montana stage. If you witnessed the golden age of Disney sitcoms, you’ll remember Selena’s recurring role as Mikayla Skeech, Hannah’s pop star nemesis. Ironically, she was a friend to Miley, but couldn’t play nice with her alter ego. This time, she’s moving into the home to cook up a heaping serving of sweet nostalgia.


It’s so Selena of her to choose this kitchen location. Of course, Malibu is one of the most picturesque settings in the world, with infinite sandy beaches, great hiking, and glorious sunsets. But the Wizards of Waverly Place protagonist is always willing to give a nod to her success and friendships from her Disney era. She and Miley essentially grew up together, so we love to see Selena honoring those special memories we were all there for.

If you watched the show Big Little Lies, you might recognize the interior of this house. The beachside home where Reese Witherspoon’s character lived is actually the same mansion. You didn’t get to see this kitchen on Hannah Montana, since they shot interior scenes on a set in LA, but you’ll get to enjoy it once Selena takes over this summer. Maybe you’ll want to host your own dinner party after you pick up some new recipes from Selena + Chef, and you’re in luck, because the luxurious Malibu mansion is actually available to rent yourself.

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The brand new season of Selena + Chef looks like it’ll be quite the ride, too. From the official HBO Max trailer, you can see her blow-torching desserts, hammering a coconut, and connecting with new friends over good food. “This year I’m getting out of town, and even more out of my comfort zone,” she said in the promo.

Grab your apron and look busy, because we can also look forward to celebrity chef cameos like Rachael Ray and Gordon Ramsay this season, who will represent a charity that’ll be receiving a cash prize. The first three episodes will drop on Thursday, Aug. 18, followed by a second installment on Aug. 25, and the final four episodes will be released on Sept. 1, only on HBO Max. Now, my only question is, do you think Selena has the recipe for “sweet niblets?”

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