Selena Gomez celebrated her 30th birthday with Taylor Swift in posted pictures together on Instagram

Selena And Taylor Rang In Selena's 30th Birthday With The Cutest Party Pics

Taylena forever!

Larry Busacca/MTV1415/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thirty, flirty, and thriving! Selena Gomez hit the big three-oh on July 22, so of course her bestie Taylor Swift was right by her side. In a set of pictures posted to Gomez’s Instagram on her big night, the pair smiled happily for the camera while Taylor mimed the numbers 3 and 0. Their surroundings looked secluded and magical, as strings of lights twinkled behind them and illuminated the glowing stars. Basically, Selena Gomez’s 30th birthday photos with Taylor Swift were absolute BFF goals, and proof that Taylena is stronger than ever.

The two besties appeared to celebrate Gomez entering her thirties with an intimate dinner party on a perfectly decorated porch. Gomez shared a couple pics of the event on IG, celebrating her and Swift’s “nerdy” sides with giggly poses. In one of the photos, Swift is giving the camera a thumbs up as Gomez is about to open her birthday present. Unfortunately, Gomez didn’t share what her bestie gave her for her birthday, but the other pic shows the crumpled wrapping paper behind Gomez, so she def opened the present at dinner.

The BFFs kept the night chill and casual, as Gomez rocked a flow-y white blouse that went perfectly with Swift’s red dress with white polka dots.

Despite the glitz and glam of celebrity life, Taylena’s friendship has always felt warm and genuine. There are plenty of relationships in the spotlight that feel unbelievable and fabricated, but Swift and Gomez have a friendship that reminds you that they’re just like us. Usually, their pics seem to be taken from casual hangs, sometimes even featuring Swift’s perfect cats. They don’t spam social media with each other’s faces and talk about their friendship 24/7, but when they do drop cute pictures together on Instagram, they feel just as normal as my own pictures with my friends.

Thankfully, Taylena content hasn’t been as rare recently. In June, Gomez made a video on her TikTok to show off products from her beauty line, Rare Beauty, and the audio attached to the video was Swift’s Lover hit, “The Man.” Fans picked up on it immediately and screamed about it in the comment section, and then Swift entered the chat. In a sweet comment, she wrote: “It’s giving CEO it’s giving gorgeousness it’s giving friends forever.” Gomez didn’t leave her friend hanging as she replied to the comment perfectly: “For Life.”

Last November, the pair linked up backstage at SNL and wasted no time making a TikTok that summed the energy of their friendship perfectly.

Taylena’s friendship just has a way of warming their fans’ hearts so much, and their intimate celebration shows that their friendship will never go out of style.