I've Got Pride is Elite Daily's celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month. Need inspiration for your parade makeup or Instagram caption? You'll find it here. Looking for words of wisdom about sexuality or advice from experts? Look no further. Kicking off our celebration is our photo shoot on how coming out has changed eight LGBTQIA+ models, influencers, and artists' definition of what makes them feel beautiful. Pride feels different for everybody, so no matter how you raise your rainbow flag or what your sexuality means to you, know you're not alone. You have so much to be proud of.

My Little Sister Came Out To Me & It Inspired Me To Come Out To Her

By Willa Bennett
This time last year, my little sister came out to me as bisexual. It was on my way home from work. I stepped off the over-crowded Brooklyn-bound C train to a missed call from my 15-year-old sister. Although we have different mothers, she and I have…


The Origin Of Pride Month Is Really Fascinating — Here's Why We Celebrate It

By Jamie Kravitz
You might know that LGBTQ+ Pride month takes place in June, with marches, parades, and festivals happening across the country and all over the world. But are you aware of the fascinating history surrounding why we celebrate Pride month? Turns out…