Watch the 'Heartstopper' cast flip off anti-LGBTQ trolls at London pride.

The Heartstopper Cast Won Pride By Joyfully Flipping Off Anti-LGBTQ Trolls

This video is so great!

Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pride month 2022 just got an ending that’s almost as good as the Season 1 finale of the hit Netflix series Heartstopper. No, seriously. During a London Pride event on July 2, the Heartstopper cast won Pride by joyfully flipping off anti-LGBTQ trolls in the best way, and the video will make you wish you were there. Here’s what you need to know.

The video of the epic flip-off went viral on Twitter after the cast of the beloved LGBTQ series stood up to bigoted protestors in the middle of a Pride parade on July 2. In the video, a group of anti-LGBTQ protestors can be seen protesting at the barricades, and even getting into a skirmish with a parade attendee over a hateful sign. The protestors were no match for the joyful vibes at the parade, though, as evidenced by Heartstopper castmates Joe Locke (who plays Charlie Spring) and Sebastian Croft (aka Ben Hope) jumping around gleefully to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” in the background while each sporting Pride flags as a capes.

As they danced their hearts out to the song, Locke and Croft got all up next to the barricades and straight up gave the protestors the bird. Yup, they flipped them off right in the their faces. It’s true what they say — where words fail, middle fingers speak. Not all heroes wear capes, but these guys certainly did.

Even as the trolls continued to protest the parade over a loudspeaker, their hateful speeches couldn’t stop the Heartstoppers (sorry, I had to). Locke kept his middle fingers up all throughout the chorus of the iconic song, and Croft blew the haters kisses as he danced to the music. Nothing comes between the Hearstopper cast and their pride.

Croft shared another angle of the incident on his IG account on July 2 that makes you feel like you were right there when it all went down, and the FOMO is real, y’all. Though they weren’t heavily featured in either of the videos, the rest of the Heartstopper cast, including Kit Connor (who plays Nick Nelson), Corinna Brown (Tara Jones), Jenny Walser (Tori Spring), Tobie Donovan (Isaac Henderson), and Kizzy Edgell (Darcy Olsson) were all at the event as well — and in Croft’s IG photo roundup, too. In one shot, six of the castmates posed together for an adorable piggyback photo, and based on the smiles in the pic, it looks like the protestors weren’t able to rain on their parade.

It might be a while until you see a new season of the series hit your Netflix home screen, but until then, this Hearstopper reunion at Pride will definitely give you all the same warm-fuzzy feels that the show does.