The Future X partnered with e.l.f Cosmetics on a Twitch stream for Pride Month.

Why Pride Is So Important To The Future X

The new pop band shared their definitions of Pride.

Dennis Leupold

The Future X is celebrating Pride with style. The TikTok supergroup, who were put together by American Idol creator Simon Fuller in January, recently collab’d with e.l.f Cosmetics on June 1 to talk about what makes them who they are.

Fuller, who’s managed huge acts like the Spice Girls, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson, created The Future X on TikTok by doing a worldwide search on the platform for upcoming singers and dancers. On Jan. 26, Fuller announced he’d chosen Angie Green, Luke Brown, Maci Wood, Jayna Hughes, Sasha Marie, Tray Taylor, and Drew Venegas to become The Future X.

Earlier this month,Drew and Tray discussed being members of the LGBTQ+ community with Attitude, and all of The Future X have been spreading positivity and inclusivity since their debut.

To kick off their conversation on e.l.f.’s Twitch channel, the group first themselves to viewers. “We’re a pop band that’s trying to spread love and peace and positivity throughout the world, and we want to show everybody that there’s something new that can come out of music,” Luke said.

The group experimented with a variety of colorful makeup looks during the stream while discussing what Pride means to them. “Pride means knowing your environment and where you came from,” Tray said. “It’s knowing where you want to go and what you want to achieve in life and what you want to do. Pride is just existing in yourself.”

For Jayna, Pride meant remembering your support systems. “I can say for myself I‘m an ally, and I’m sure everyone here is, too,” she said. “We accept all types of love, and we’re just really excited to be celebrating this month.”

At one point, a viewer in the comments section said they wished it was “socially accepted” for guys to do makeup without unnecessary labels being thrown at them. In response, Luke said, “For sure. That’s the message we’re trying to give with being partnered with e.l.f because we're not just a girl group. We’re not just a guy group. We’re girls and guys from all different backgrounds, from all different places and different sexual orientations, so we can do makeup if we want because it makes us feel good.”

“We can wear clothes that are girls’ clothes and guys’ clothes. It’s unisex. We’re trying to break that boundary,” Drew added. Maci agreed, saying, “It’s all about expressing yourself for who you are.”

After a fan in the chat asked about the group’s plans for Pride Month, Tray mentioned their first concert in Los Angeles, which was held a few days later at the Heart Nightclub on June 4.

This wasn’t this first-ever concert, though. The Future X previously opened up for global pop group Now United on their Wave Your Flag tour in Brazil and Portugal in the spring. The group also performed at National Student Pride in London on April 9.

The Future X ended the stream by teasing that new music would arrive “very soon.” While they haven’t stated much else about their music, they routinely share updates about the band on their TikTok account.