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Kim Kardashian and influencers sporting 2024 swimsuit, bikini, and bathing suit trends
Taylor Swift's Yellow Bikini, & 7 More Summer 2024 Swimsuit Trends

Thongkinis, leopard print, and everything in between.

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Back in the summer of 2015, the only swimsuit it girls would be caught wearing was the classic Y2K TRIANGL Bikini. It was *the* must-have bathing suit — there wasn’t even a competition. Although plenty of trends from the 2010s have re-emerged recently (see: low-rise jeans, velour tracksuits, and butterfly clips), the swimsuit monopoly isn’t one of them. This year, trending swimsuits are a bit all over the place — in other words, there’s a popular style for everyone.

“This season, shoppers are far more interested in expressing their personal style through their swimwear,” Bella Gerard, fashion editor and content creator, tells Elite Daily. “Expect lots of aesthetic details that call back to the non-pool-appropriate pieces one might find already in their wardrobe.”

From leopard prints to calming pastels to full-on belts, there’s no shortage of trends to try out this spring and summer... and there’s no time like the present to get started. It’s almost swim season — or, if you happen to be Taylor Swift on vacation with Travis Kelce in the Bahamas, the sunny SZN has already arrived. So, take this as your opportunity to go through your bathing suit drawer and do some editing.

Below, check out the eight swimsuit trends you’ll see plenty of in 2024.

Yellow Is In

An itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow bikini (polka dots not necessary) is shaping up to be one of 2024’s biggest bathing suit trends. In March, Swift sported this yellow striped bikini from Montce while vacationing in the Bahamas with Kelce — and it turns out, she was ahead of the curve. (And yes, that’s a “This Is Me Trying” lyric reference, but it’s also true.)

This swimsuit season, yellow is one of the most sought-after colors. “In terms of color trends, Taylor Swift got it right on her recent lovers’ getaway with boo Travis Kelce,” says Gerard, the author behind the B-List, a weekly Substack newsletter. “Yellows from sunshine vivids to pale, buttery hues are a popular look this season.”

After pics of Swift and Kelce went viral, searches for her specific suit increased. Pinterest even saw an 110% increase in searches for “Taylor Swift bikini” compared to the previous month.

Swim Will Go Coquette


The coquette trend is still in full swing. “Think femme hues and floral prints, excessive ruffles, ruching and the like,” Gerard says. “The rosette and bow details you've been seeing everywhere? Expect them cinching the front of a bandeau top, or adorning the sleeves of a pretty one-piece.”

Word of advice: Check out Frankies Bikinis, which has spent years perfecting this style for years.

Expect To See Animal Prints

Just because temperatures are warming up doesn’t mean it’s time to say goodbye to the mob wife aesthetic. A bold pattern, like animal print, is likely to show up at the beach this summer (and your trendiest friend will be the one sporting it).

“I think the cheetah print trend is going to cross over into swim this summer,” Olivia Marcus, fashion writer and content creator, predicts. “It’s a playful look for the beach or pool and can be styled to fit a minimalist or maximalist aesthetic.”

Gerard adds, “Don't be surprised if your mob wife aesthetic-obsessed friend dons a leopard bikini when it's too hot out for a faux fur coat.”

Basics Are Back

Instagram: @kimkardashian

Having some tried-and-true, basic swimwear makes the summer season so much easier — particularly when it comes to packing for the beach. This year, Gerard says to expect to see a lot of solid colors and classic string bikini styles as people embrace the “less is more” mentality and “‘90s-inspired minimalism.”

A classic black bikini is quite literally always a good idea, but you can mix it up with other solid colors as well.

Pretty Pastels Are Trending

Let’s be real: Blindingly vivid colors are always fun, especially in swimwear, but this season, pastels are taking over. Barbie pink is officially on its way out, making room for softer shades.

“The Barbiecore days are behind us. This year's pinks are a little more saccharine — think pastels and candy tones,” Gerard predicts.

Pink isn’t the only trendy hue. “Shades of lavender, pistachio, and yellow were popular on the spring/summer ‘24 runways and will be just as impactful on the pool deck,” Marcus adds.

Lingerie-Style Silhouttes Are Popping Up

Instagram: @christinaelezaj

Underwear-as-pants is still going strong, so it makes sense that lingerie — which is essentially underwear with a little spice — made its way into swimwear. “I think the aforementioned coquette styles will boast cheeky bottoms and underwire tops à la lingerie,” Gerard says.

It’s something that Marcus has noticed, too. “I’ve specifically seen an influx of underwire bikinis, which is a great option if you’re looking for a boost or a little extra support,” she says.

Thongkinis Continue To Dominate

Thongkinis are here to stay. Worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian and the rest of the KarJenner clan, this butt-baring style will be everywhere this swim season. “I'm personally pro thongkini, because the tan lines are amazing,” Gerard says. (Agreed.)

With this trend, feel free to choose your own cheekiness. As Marcus puts it, “The cheekier the better (unless you’re vacationing with your grandparents).”

It’s Blingy Swimwear’s Time To Shine

Instagmra: @kitkeenan

This year, people are still looking to be bejeweled. Consider adding some accessories to your go-to swimsuits to elevate them. Gerard recommends adding a chain belt to your poolside ‘fit with one caveat: “Just remove it before you take a dip so it doesn't tarnish.”

If you want to take the legwork out of accessorizing, look out for brands that sell suits that are already blinged out. For a splurge, Gerard suggests L'Agence. Revolve also has plenty of options with price ranges for pretty much any budget.

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