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6 Questions You Season 3 Left Unanswered

*waits patiently for Season 4*

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You Season 3, which hit Netflix on Oct. 15, 2021, might have been full of love triangles and gore and Joe’s famously sarcastic comments, but that doesn’t mean fans walked away feeling like the story was wrapped up with a pretty, blood-stained bow. This makes sense, since Season 4 is on the way, so there needed to be some loose ends left in Season 3. But that hasn’t stopped viewers from wondering WTF is going on with some of these storylines, as some of the biggest questions You Season 3 left unanswered reveal.

Spoiler alert: Major You Season 3 spoilers ahead. Season 3 took quite the turn with Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) trading his city digs for a quaint California suburb called Madre Linda. Together with his wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), the newlyweds gave birth to a son named Henry, got to know the new neighbors, and unleashed their toxicity upon their newfound friends. After a whole season of murdering people, stalking lovers, and attempting to cover up their crimes, the couple finally faced their relationship problems in a fatal fight during the finale.

The squabble resulted in Joe murdering Love via her own poison, staging his own murder, setting fire to his home, framing his wife for a murder-suicide, and peacing out to Paris. But while Joe is drinking espresso in chic cafes, fans are busy wondering about some of the other plot points left unanswered in Season 3.

In an October 2021 interview with Collider, Badgley said Joe in Season 4 will be quite different from past versions of the character. “In the real world — so that we're in a real emotional universe and can relate to this happening — where does a person like Joe go? Where is justice for him and for us? Does that mean happiness? I mean, it's like, does a person like Joe deserve to die? Yes. But does anyone deserve to kill him? I really think this is [the] question,” Badgley said. Badgley was careful to keep any and all Season 4 hints a secret, possibly creating even more questions for You’s countless fans.

Here’s what scrupulous viewers are dying to know:


1. What’s Going On With Ellie?

Ellie (Jenna Ortega) was a super exciting addition to You Season 2, so fans were bummed when Ellie didn’t make an appearance in Season 3. The outspoken teen was very briefly mentioned in the first episode when Joe said he would send her the money he made from restoring and selling classic books online.

Then, the end of Season 2 revealed that Ellie was in Florida, but it seems like she might not stay in one place. Joe said he would send her the book repair money “whenever [he] hear[s] from her,” which means she’s probably on the go. Since Ellie is one of the few people who know a fraction of how twisted the Quinn-Goldbergs are — and she’s not one to bite her tongue — her being out there could come back to haunt Joe in Season 4, even if he’s on another continent.

2. Does Joe Keep In Touch With Will?

Another exciting twist Season 2 gave viewers was Joe’s actual, honest friendship with Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor). Granted, Joe originally stole Will’s identity and locked him in the infamous glass cage, but surprisingly, Joe eventually released Will and the two kept in touch to the point that Will became Joe’s confidant. Joe even contacted Will after finding Ellie’s sister, Delilah (Carmela Zumbado), dead in the glass cage.

Since Will was only very briefly mentioned in Season 3, it’s super unclear what’s going on with him and his friendship with Joe. Viewers know Will was last seen in the Philippines with his girlfriend, Gigi (Haven Everly), but who knows if he’s still there. The last fans — and apparently Joe — heard from Will was the postcard he sent in the Season 2 finale. Will wrote: “Haven’t heard from you for a while, everything OK?” Maybe now that Joe’s going international, the old buds will meet up in Season 4.

3. What Happened To Nurse Fiona?

Nurse Fiona on Season 3 of Netflix's 'You'

Season 3 gave viewers a lot more information about Joe’s childhood and how it shaped who he became in his adult years. In multiple flashbacks, fans saw a young Joe getting bullied while in a group home for boys, but a kind nurse named Fiona (Kim Shaw) was a source of comfort for Joe. During one of Joe’s visits to Fiona’s office, however, he ran into Fiona’s boyfriend, Travis, who was being aggressive with her. After the traumatic experience with his mother’s abusive partner, Joe was clearly triggered. One day, when Travis was leaving Fiona’s office, Joe almost pushed him down the stairs, but Joe restrained himself. Unfortunately, shortly afterward, police came to clear out Fiona’s office, saying she disappeared to Ohio. Joe, however, was sure Travis murdered her.

Whether or not Travis had something to do with Fiona’s disappearance is unclear, but knowing Joe, he probably wouldn’t just let that mystery go unsolved. Perhaps Joe paid a visit to Travis once he left the orphanage to discover the truth. If so, I have a feeling there could be another name to add to Joe’s list of victims.

4. Does Matthew Really Believe Joe Is Dead?

One of the very last moments of Season 3 showed Matthew (Scott Speedman) reading an article about the apparent murder-suicide that ended the lives of both Love and Joe — and TBH, he looked a little skeptical. Even though he’s then seen happily escorting his stepson, Theo (Dylan Arnold), out of the hospital in a wheelchair, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Matthew were to keep digging into the matter. Considering how much of a theorist he became when trying to find out what happened to his late wife, Natalie (Michaela McManus), there’s a good chance Matthew and Theo aren’t done with Joe just yet.

5. Does Joe Have A Brother?

Viewers know Joe was sent to an orphanage after he shot his mother’s abusive partner, but the details about what happened to his struggling mother afterward were never really revealed. However, the final episode of Season 3 showed a young Joe setting out to find his mother. Much to Joe’s surprise, when he saw her leaving her home, she was happy, put-together, and doting on a young boy named Jacob, who could very well be Joe’s half-brother.

After Joe’s mother put his potential sibling in the car, Joe approached her and asked why she abandoned him. Joe’s mother said she loved him, but she was hurting him. The interaction rightfully rattled young Joe, and it left fans wondering not only what happened between him and his mother afterward, but whether or not Joe has a sibling, and how Jacob might play a role in his life going forward.

6. Who Is “Joe” Now?

After Joe confronted his mother about giving up on him in Episode 10, she said something pivotal: “Sometimes we need to start over, Joey. Completely.” Viewers know Joe has essentially buried his own identity and is now in Paris searching for his lost love, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). And since “Joe” is “dead,” it begs the question of who Joe is now. While fans know he’s going by the name “Nick” in order to get to another country, his new identity must be solid enough to warrant him a passport. So... who is Nick and what, exactly, will this new version of Joe do in the City of Lights?

Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait long to find out. Penn Badgley has been spotted filming Season 4 multiple times across the pond in London and Paris. Starting in March 2022 and into the summer, one of Season 4’s consistent filming locations was the University of London, implying that Joe’s new alias, Nic, might be undercover as a university professor — possibly making his next victim a college student.

Here’s hoping all these questions (and more) are answered when the show returns. Until then, feel free to rewatch You Season 3 on Netflix to discover any more clues *you* might have missed the first time around.

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