DYLAN ARNOLD as THEO ENGLER in Season 3 of Netflix's 'You'

There's A New Hot Guy In You Season 3 And He's Way Less Problematic Than Joe

Don't worry, he's still got his fair share of baggage.

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Netflix’s thriller series You is just about as twisted as shows can get, and Season 3 didn’t disappoint by way of sinister plot points, steamy sex scenes, or gruesome murders. The third installment, which hit Netflix on Oct. 15, also introduced quite a few new characters to the screen, but there’s one in particular fans are eager to get to know a little more ~intimately~. If you’re wondering who plays Theo in You, here’s everything you need to know about Dylan Arnold, the actor who brings the crush-worthy character to life.

Warning: Light spoilers for You Season 3 follow. ICYMI, fans got their first glimpse of Theo’s flirting ways on the show’s official Instagram account, where Arnold’s confident character bantered with Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). The pair chatted outside a grocery store in Love’s new town, Madre Linda, and within moments, it was pretty obvious there was some sort of chemistry between the two. Even though Love is married with a baby, something about the way she melted at Theo’s attention had fans perking up.

And while it’s pretty clear there’s some chemistry between the two, viewers are just as smitten with the actor as Love seems to be with the character. It turns out, you’ve probably seen Arnold onscreen before his character charmed Joe’s wife on You.

Even though playing Theo will likely make Arnold’s fame reach a whole new level, the 27-year-old actor already had quite a few credits to his name before being cast in the Netflix series. Arnold portrayed Twig Wysecki on Nashville and Henry Bodreaux on The Purge series, but you probably best recognize him from his role in the After movie franchise. In case you were too distracted by all the sex to take note, Arnold played Tessa’s (Josephine Langford) adorkable ex-boyfriend, Noah, in the first two films.

Whether or not Theo has a future with Love is TBD, but the future of Arnold’s fame seems a lot more secure.

You Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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